Friday, July 16, 2010

welcome ananae!!

I have been so lethargic and lazy today. I haven't been sleeping and i've been dying with cravings all day. I had 4 slices of cucumber during "dinner time" and a little tiny gelato spoon of D's blackberry gelato. BUT i've been craving chips and cake and rice and pickles...yes pickles...i'm defnitely not pregnant but OMG these cravings are driving me mad!!

All I know is that I am training with my trainer (first time in over a month) tomorrow morning. we're going for a short run then doing a full body workout. and then i'm going to my parents to visit with them and then off to the festival. sunday is bikram yoga (a guaranteed 1000 cals burned ...totally serious look it up).

So I was reading Africanamia's blog and she had a "Ana Homework" post. for her "Math" assignment I figured that I need to burn 1000 cals a day on top of my 1478 BMR (while eating a max of 800 cals) and I will lose 1lb every 2 days.  i'm going to see what happens when i throw in a fast here and there with the workouts. I will workout EVERY day!

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