Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hello ladies...

once again I am updating...3 in one day! woo hoo!

So I am on the brink of my period and in a little ball from my cramps. I cut my fast short by one evening. I had to take my meds so I wouldn't be sick. And unfortunately, if I don't eat, I will still puke it up. So I made myself some steamed green veggies.

Sorry to have left you Hope. Give me 3 days and I will be ready to start up again.

I did today

orange juice
chicken broth
soda water

Tomorrow I'm doing a yoga class in a park nearby where I live. This guy started this group on FB and does free classes in the park every Friday evening. Yoga is the best thing for me to lose weight. I noticed the most difference once I started taking yoga I had the best results ever! Hot yoga is really relaxing too! it's really really great!

how were everyone else's days?

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