Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Liquid Fast: End of Day 1

So today was pretty good...my only weakness...giving into D tonight.

I had today:

Broccoli soup (not cream based) (i'm going high with this one because I couldn't count and serve myself- 200 for a bowl)
8 oz orange juice (100 cals)
Millions of litres of water
and half a can of Campbell's Healthy Choice Tomato vegetable soup (100 cals)

2 pieces of tofu from the stir fry (1/2 inch cubes)

D came home and started making this wonderful veggie stirfy and I told him I was just having soup because I wasn't that hungry. He said ok and kept cooking. Once we sat down, he asked me to at least take a bite because he went out and bought all my fav ingredients. So I had 2 little pieces of tofu because he wouldn't stop bugging me.

I'm considering snooping in the cupboards for some peppermint tea or having half a pack of hotchocolate in water. but the tea should get rid of my sweet craving.

my plan tomorrow (i probably wont have time to blog as I will be getting ready for my photo shoot...but i do have my blackberry....hmmmmm)

1 venti Sumatra coffee from starbucks with skim milk
1 24 oz smoothie from booster juice (should last me from 12 -3 if i can finish it)
1 non fat latté
Some soup that's in the cupboard when we get home (at like 8 or whenever the shoot is done)

I think I might take some pictures of me once I'm all dolled up.

This is what I'm wearing tomorrow for the shoot

My skirt and my top

I'm pairing these with a pair of Betsy Johnson peek-toed, T-strap, cork pumps. SUPER cute!


  1. You did well...2 pieces is not much to speak of. I love your outfit. Good Job girl! *high five* :)

  2. cute outfit - hope is all goes well!

  3. the skirt and shirt are SOOO cute! good luck tomorrow... i'm sure you'll be great! :)