Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hello lovelies,

So lets get the weight thing out of the way, I'm just holding steady right now. I've been going to the gym (3 trips in the last week).

I went to rib-fest this past weekend and had a blast with my family. I definitely ate a bit too much but it was REALLY good. There were BBQ teams from the southern states and we got to sample some real authentic southern BBQ. Each vendor had a different taste and style of rib. The ribs were the only thing I ate that day, and I didn't eat anything other than fruit at lunch to make up for the high cals of Sunday.

I have been making a good dent on my credit cards lately, however, I had to take my car to the shop yesterday because it broke down on us on Tuesday. So  I'm $500 in the hole again on my Visa. I plan on dumping the rest of my cash from my debit account onto my Visa to take a chunk out, and use my Visa for gas and groceries until next Friday. It's not so bad because we have meat so veggies and fruits will cost us topwards of $50 and the gas will be $50.

This Sunday is Canada Day. So it's a long weekend!! Woo! I don't plan on going downtown this year. Plan on saving some $$ and I just want to relax. D and I are hoping some of our neighbours are kicking around and we'll spend some time with them on Sunday and drink what beer and wine we have kicking around the house. So super low budget. I want to try to get to the gym at least 3 times before Monday, which is totally do able.

So you know how when you stand in front of your mirror and you poke and prod at your fat/bulge/lumps etc? Well, I pretty much accepted the fact that I would always be hippy and never be probably less than a size 4. I though my hip bones were just naturally wide. Anyways, so I was poking, prodding and pinching in front of the mirror being thoroughly disgusted with myself and decided to see how "hippy" I actually am by pulling back my love handles. Well, I could definitely be a 0. No doubt about that. I was F'ing settling. So my reward for paying off my credit cards (thing might sound counter intuitive) is to set myself up again with a personal trainer. I don't mean a 20 year old trainer at GoodLife, I mean a REAL personal trainer who will set me up with a detailed meal plan and 4 sessions a week until I get down to a 0/2. I have a $5000 limit on my Visa so I will save up $2500 in cash and put the other $2500 on my Visa. This will probably be doable after Christmas (I will be asking for $$ to go towards PT for my birthday and Christmas) and I should be at a 0 by April at the latest. In the mean time, I have to begin scheduling in my gym time. After this pay, I'm going to add to my "supplies" list a day planner (week over 2 pages) to slot my workouts into. What do you ladies think??

Anyways, I should get back to work. I have to write copy for an ad that will be going into a Chinese newspaper (it will be translated by a translator).

Monday, June 18, 2012

Quick update

I hit 132 on Saturday after being sick Friday night. Didn't eat from noon Friday until noon Saturday. Had a total of 500 cals on Saturday to make me 133 on Sunday morning. After Sunday events I managed to stay away from the munchies all afternoon and had a large portion of the turkey (breast) and lots of salad. Had a bit too much dessert and didn't drink nearly enough water but only retained water and gained 1.5lbs. So today I took a diuretic and I have about 200 cals planned in consumption (including dinner) and I'm back at the gym tonight.

My bank account is at $0 so I can't spend anything at all this week until Friday. I have $50 in cash in my wallet that will be going mostly to fill my gas tank this afternoon. I will be broke again by Saturday because I have a lot of bills to pay this weekend. $200 to city taxes, $220 to my cable/home phone/internet bill, $100 pay off my cell phone, at least $50 to my Visa and $400 to my mortgage. So that gives me roughly $300 for the coming 2 weeks. That doesn't include gas for the car and groceries. D had a lot going to bills too so I can't fall back on him for some things. We're going to have a very quite 2 weeks in.

Well back to work. Just wanted to let you all know where I am atm.

Friday, June 15, 2012


So I'm still at 136.2. I'm not phased though. I'm still doing the fast 5 (fasting all day then eating a very clean low cal dinner at about 5:30). But I'm also paying attention to my body. I've had maybe 900 cals all week. I got up from my desk a couple times this morning and felt very woozy and light headed. Things were spinning a bit too. So I went down for lunch as today's meal was baked fish; had half a piece and a small salad with no dressing. I couldn't finish it. My stomach has shrunk and is not used to very much food in it. Even though I ate something mid-day, knowing that I don't feel like a bottomless pit is a good thing. I got some protein in myself and some veggies. This should hopefully tide me over until lunch tomorrow. I'm spending most of the day at my parents' making strawberry preserves and jam so I'll be expected to eat lunch and then a food filled weekend starts. So having a very small appetite is going to work in my favour!

So I only managed to spend 30 mins at the gym yesterday as D invited his assistant manager to stay for dinner. So I had to come home earlier than I had expected and cook so not to be rude (if I had left it to D the cals would have been WAY higher and not necessarily clean.

Tonight, I want to try to get to the gym again to make up for lost time but I have a house to clean and a closet to organize. At this point my closet has turned into a floor-drobe (read: my closet is on my floor). If I manage to get all that done tonight by a decent hour I will try to do a workout video or some callisthenics.

I also have to start making my official lists to pack for NJ. So far, thinking about it, we're going to have to spend at least $300 on D to fix up his wardrobe. He's lacking in shorts and swim trunks and his t-shirts are looking a little sorry and a lot have holes in them. He also needs new sneakers as the ones he has are falling apart and he will need flip flops for the beach. So this will add up. I think it's doable to get all this by the end of July and to restock his wardrobe the $300 is not horrible but I wish it wasn't necessary. We also have to buy toiletries and sunscreen so that will be a bit of money at the drug store. On top of all that, I have to restock my supplements and diet pills. Yay.

On my financials, I plan on taking my RRSPs from Costco and applying them to my credit card to help pay it off. I have about $1200 there and after taxes I should have about $1000 to apply to my credit. I just have to go through the arduous process of getting the money from Manulife. Yay...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Things are looking up

So I've managed to get to 136.2 from 139 at the beginning of the week. Making progress.

I sent D out for groceries on Tuesday and the list consisted of only fruits, veggies and some lean meats.

I've been fasting all day at work. An Americano in the morning with a bit of skim milk for breakfast and then just water and tea all day. I have a back-up banana or those quinoa crisps but I haven't gone to those yet. I did have some veggies yesterday at lunch because I was in a meeting with my boss that went over lunch but that was it. At home, I've made meals from Clean Eating. All the portions have been under 300 cals. Today, I'm going to up my dinner intake because my foot is better!!! Time to test out my new running shoes at the gym tonight!!

I came in second place in my office hockey pool. I won $54!! Saving that for some patio $$ on Saturday. I'm going on a double date with D and his coworker to the Byward Market to sit on a patio and people watch all night. And maybe partake in some alcohol beverages. Like I said in my last post, I will be spending my Father's day smoking a Turkey. Lean meat and self basted as it's on a spit but no extra grease or oil added to it. My Aunt is bringing some Quebec strawberries for dessert. I'm quite excited. They're very tiny and extremely sweet and tasty. Very different from Ontario strawberries.

I've found a website that will ship OxyElite Pro to Canada but the shipping is 30$! it would cost me nearly 80$ to ship ONE bottle! I'm not sure if it's worth it. I've heard only good things about the results OxyElite has but I'm not really willing to pay $80 to ship it from the US. Thoughts??

Anyways, I should get back to work. I need to figure out how the hell I'm going to fill 15 spots before the end of the summer. We need to get at least another $300,000 in tuition and fees. Anyone from the states know of anyone looking for a boarding school for this year (ages 6-15)???? Nah don't worry I'm just being silly.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Hello all lovelies!

So I did manage to maintain this weekend until yesterday/saturday night. I went to my parents' on Friday since my dad had been away on business all week and had just returned. My mom made home made ribs and pad thai. It's really awesome and probably I share this with my dad at being one of our favourite meals my mom makes. We then finished off dinner with some fresh Ontario strawberries (my favourite season!). I skipped the cream and just had them plain. I didn't want to overpower the sweetness of local fruit. Saturday, I went to the nursery with my mom and grandmother and helped them get things for their gardens. We went back to my parents' and I helped out in the garden (as much as my foot would allow me to) and did the cooking and tidying while I couldn't be working. We had burgers for lunch (I skipped the top bun and the slaw and chips) but then my grandparents came over for dinner and my mom made home made pasta and sauce. I think my mom thinks I'm skinny or something because she's giving me servings that match D. I don't see how she can think that because I'm sitting back at what I was before the wedding and she was criticizing me about my weight. Sunday wasn't too bad though. I didn't have breakfast, but I had a tall coffee frap light from Starbucks and then went to the beach. I spent about an hour blowing up balloons and then climbing trees to tie the balloons to them to help T get ready for the party. The food was all great (obvs because it's T) veggies, fruit, lots of water, and little wraps with only mustard. I had lots of veggies and lots of water. I got super burnt yesterday so I'm trying to nurse my shoulders to a point where I can wear a normal bra again (currently sporting a strapless) let alone a sports bra. I got back home and immediately applied aloe gel to the burns and then got changed to go to the movies with D and my cousin. D wanted to go to a patio for a beer before hand so I had a drink with him and my cousin. I didn't get any food at the theatre (woo hoo!) and only had my water. We saw Prometheus. OMG it was amazing! I suggest you go see it in IMAX (it's 3D but the 3D doesn't do anything) it is gorgeous and they calibrated the sound to make full use of the speakers! The theatre SHOOK at points in the movie. It was a great experience.

I bought new running shoes on Friday too. I have a pair of Saucony's now rather than Asics. I found that Asics dig too much into my feet at various points. These shoes feel like I'm almost not wearing anything!! Can't wait to give them a go in the gym this week!

So today, no food. Well I have a gluten/sugar/dairy/egg free wafer that's sectioned into 4 pieces. One wafer is 100 cals. So if I'm DYING (since I haven't fasted in ever) I can have a 25 cal nibble. I'm not even going to eat when I get home. No matter what D says. I've already taken my pills (thermogenic, diuretic, viatmin E + D, Omega 3-6-9 and chromium pilconate) which will put my stomach off for a couple of hours since it's alot to process. I also have a venti Americano with no milk I'll be nursing this morning. I plan on having at least 3L of water before I leave work today and I have my arsenal of teas for back up as well.

This weekend is yet ANOTHER food-centric weekend. Saturday I'm helping my mom make strawberry jam and compotes (read: local strawberries) and then I'm going downtown to sit on a patio with D and his work buddy and his girlfriend. I plan on doing a salad with no dressing that day because...Sunday, my whole family is coming up for Father's Day to smoke a turkey. Sunday will be my undoing. I will have to stay away from the nibblings that will be laid out as the turkey turns on the spit.

I really need this injury to heal faster. I want to get to the gym ASAP as my weight is just going higher and higher and higher because I'm not on my feet for 8 hours a day anymore. I think I will be bringing my lunches with me to work from now on. I don't know what they put in the food here but I can't control it and even the dressing for the salads are too high cal. I asked for beets to be put in the salad bar (double use as dressing) but they wont because they don't want to stain the kids' uniforms. So here on out, bringing my own lunches (read: more like snacks) to work. I need to drop these gained lbs in the next 4 weeks before New Jersey. I know I can TOTALLY do it. I just have to take control and not eating work food is step 1.

Well I should get to work lovelies, I have to close admissions for the coming year.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hello my lovelies!

Sorry for being M.I.A lately. I've been trying to post for the last week and a bit. It's just been too busy at work and I haven't had the house to myself in a while to be able to blog at home.

So. I spiked up to 138 on the weekend and that pretty much was a huge slap in the face. I went with my parents to their gym for a circuit class. It was awesome. I kept up (with what exercises didn't aggravate my shoulder) and did really well. I was sore for a couple days afterwards because I hadn't done anything that vigorous in ages. However, my running shoes have gone to crap. I have this awful knot in the arch of my right foot. and it's protruding too so I can't wear much else except for flip flops and one pair of flats. I can only buy new shoes this weekend after I get paid so I haven't been able to get to the gym since Saturday with the crazy hurting foot and bad shoes that would only make the problem worse if I used them again. So I'm going to the Running Room on Saturday to get fitted for a good pair of shoes that wont aggravate my knees and keep my feet supported.

I've managed this week already to drop 2.4 lbs. I know 2 were water weight since I lost it in a day. But I lost 0.4 the next day and I'm sitting steady there the last day or so. I haven't eaten out once this week (small victory) and I haven't had the hot meal here at the school. I've stuck with a small salad with lots of veggies and a handful of cherries to snack on throughout the day. At home, I've had a protein heavy meal with steamed veggies. I'm trying to keep carbs at a low.

My mom is taking me and my sister out of Indian food tonight, so today I'm only having my coffee, tea, water and salad at lunch. I didn't bring a snack with me so I can make up for the calories for tonight. Tomorrow will be a repeat and for dinner I probably won't have any. If I do, it will just be a salad or some steamed veggies.

I hope to be in the 134 range by this weekend. T is having a surprised birthday party for her husband on Sunday. It's not a bad thing, but it's at the beach. It will be a lot of fun, but I don't want to be out there in my bathing suit. I'm not ready yet. If I can drop down another 2lbs by Sunday I think I'll be able to live with myself. Until then, I'm wishing for rain so it's moved to her house.

So I have about a month and a half to save up $$ to go to New Jersey with. I got my latest municipal tax bill so D and I have to toss down another $1600 before the end of the month. Hopefully I can get some good $$ down on my credit card before then. I have been able to keep a good $250 available on it at any given time. Better than being maxed out. Hopefully I can get it down another $1000 before I leave for vacation. 3 pay cheques should allow me to do just that. I hope D has been saving his pennies too for the trip. We won't be doing much shopping but we're going to pay for dinner one night (if we can get our credit cards to the waiter in time before my dad does) and we'll want to pitch in for groceries and booze.

I also want to get my hair cleaned up before I go away. I'm currently trying to let it grow out, but my fringe is at a weird length and the ends just look untidy. My layers are grown out and are making the bottom of my hair look heavy. I'm not sure if I'm going to colour it or not (I'd like to) but I have to see what my wallet says when the time comes around. But just freshening up the cut works for me as well.

I do have to say that I need some more shorts. I had to donate the ones I had last year because they were too big. I just haven't found a good pair that fits nicely. I don't want to spend tons of cash on shorts, but the only ones that have fit me nicely so far have been over $100. I just can't justify that. I have my eye on a pair of white jeans from the same store that are only $30 more than the shorts. How does THAT work?? My packing list looks like this:

Linen pants, 5 dresses, 4 plain t-shirts, jeans, 3 bikinis, skirt, sandals, flip flops, 2 light sweaters, running shorts, yoga pants, gym shirts and my running shoes. All I would like to add to that is a pair of jean shorts. But I look to be good with what I already have.

Well back to work I go. I have acceptance packages to get done in the next hour!