Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Hey girls.

So I'm braving your comments. This is me this morning. I'm second day period bloat and my weight is up a bit. What do you all think? See bottom of post.

I've been drinking TONS of water to try to reduce the water retention. I hope this helps. The Victoria Secret show is definitely giving me new vigor. I will hit my Christmas goal. Their thighs are so muscular and shapely yet they ALL have gaps! I really want their entire diet and regime.
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Monday, November 29, 2010

Ugh, periods suck. I spent all this morning curled in a little ball of pain. I had to eat this morning for my pain meds so today is going to be my high day. I still took my ECA pill this morning but after I ate for my other pill. The effects wont be as profound since I ate before hand but I will still have it working its magic :)

I'm retaining water so I didn't weigh myself this morning and I hope that I will see something closer to 138 tomorrow morning. The water weight usually stays for a couple of days but slowly goes down over the course of the week so I should see some changes over the week. D mentioned this morning that my stomach looks flatter (which is odd because I'm SUPER bloated but still a nice compliment) so one more proof that these pills are working!

I have an appointment with the eye doctor for my check up today. I love going to my eye doctor because he's SUPER hot! lol I always joked that I would woo him during my appointments and marry him! haha! still it's fun to go see a doctor that spends the entire time staring at your eyes when he's really nice to look at himself :p

So I've bought almost all of my Christmas decorations and I can start decorating the house this weekend. I sitll have to find a tree topper. Today is a day full of chores. I have to clean the house and do laundry as well as errands and groceries. This will be a long busy day and these cramps wont be any help. At least I wont be confined to my bed and I'll be moving around and burning SOME cals.

Anyways, time to start my day! Talk to you lovelies soon!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

138...wow :) things are going to actually happen! I could really be 130 by Christmas!

Friday, November 26, 2010

My first day on ECA was awesome. I lost 2lbs yesterday. I am now back under 140 (it only took 2 weeks). I have decided to go for a whole month's dose and hopefully get down to 130 by Christmas time.

It has been the first diet pill that has actually felt like it was DOING SOMETHING in a long long time. I didin't have full on jitters but I could feel my heart beating a little harder and I had this endless supply of energy the whole day. I only felt that I was crashing at about 8 last night. Which after being up and at work most of the day (on a really busy day too) is totally normal.

My eating habits are beginning to become easier and easier to keep under people's radar at work. I also have been on break by myself a lot more too lately.

Tonight I'm closing again but tomorrow I'm off early so I can get some Christmas shopping done :)

It snowed last night and I have to bus to work. :( It's cold windy and super icy and I have to walk through the construction in my development to the bus stop. I hope that it warms up a little in the next hour or so when I leave so I wont freeze!

Anyways I have to get ready for work but I'll keep you posted on how the ECA is doing for me :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

I found out this weekend that one of my coworkers sells ECA pills (Ephedrine Caffiene Asprin). I'm going to talk to him to see how much he's selling them for. I need a good pill to really get my metabolism going. The standard pills are just not doing anything for me anymore. I am taking a break however because I had some funny stuff happening to my body the last few weeks. I hadn't taken any breaks between bottles of pills so I've taken a break for the last week and a bit and my body has seemed to regulate itself. Now I'm ready to get my metabolism running again.

I hope these pills aren't too expensive!!
Thanks Piglet for that bit of knowledge! I'll definitely watch how much cinnamon I put on my oatmeal!! Mind you I never use a whole tbs but I didn't figure a spice had calories! :o

OK...so who remembers the shake weight?? Remember the infomercial of the chick holding the pulsating dumbell? And this movement looks very conspicuously like another action that has a very similar motion (raises eyebrow)?


I just watched the infomercial for the Shake Weight for men. Let's just say I'm stunned...I see a whole bunch of internet jokes starting up very shortly...


3 posts in 1 day...can't you tell I'm bored and stuck at home? I've done a lot of cleaning today and did some crunches and leg lifts. I'm beginning to run out of things to do so now I just have the chicken in the oven waiting for the hubby to come home. We're going to catch up on Boardwalk Empire tonight. We've been recording quite a few episodes and then we'll watch the rest of them on the On Demand.

I think I might go and update my HSBQ journal. I haven't done that in a few days. I need to state that I'm going to continue with my minor and not go with the major.

I am

Never eating nuts again...

Just watched "How It's Made" on the Discovery Channel. When they make nuts they're coated in oils and salts and fried! SO MANY CALORIES!!! Never again!

I'm thinking of changing up the look of my blog. It's still pretty summery. Hopefully I can find something nice. I'm not that great at doing anything intricate. Wish me luck!

Slowly getting back on track

Well this week has been a whole bunch of ups and downs. T and I got into a fight. Mostly over miscommunicating. Basically She was upset that I seemed that I didn't care about how she felt about her dad passing away. Unfortunately because our only communication for the last month has been via text only it's been hard to really express everything properly. We spoke over the phone and everything is back to normal. So that's good. But because I was really upset over this, I had a huge binge. I got home from work and had pasta, vegetables, licorice, wings and cake. Very much a low point for me.

The rest of the week was decent. I didn't have more than 800 cals on any given day. On Saturday I went to a restaurant with some friends to watch the UFC match. I only had a small appetizer of vegetables. I had one drink and that was it the whole time I was there. For the rest of the night I only drank water.

Yesterday was filled with unpacking and organizing my furniture. So more or less a busy day.

Today my goal is to eat no more than 600 cals and I'll be doing some more unpacking and organizing today. I hope to get all the boxes done by the time D gets home.

I wonder what D would think if I told him I was limiting my whole weeks' worth of calories to the number of calories for one day (approx 1800). I'm not sure how I would do the division, but if I could get away with it I would totally do it. I could stagger the amounts and throw in a fasting day in the mix with it all or I could just do 350 each day.

Tonight I'm making D dinner. He wants roasted chicken. So I have to find a recipe and find some time to walk to the grocery store to pick up any needed ingredients. I plan on only having some vegetables and no potatoes, and I'm going to try to get around eating any chicken at all. Now I just have to find the recipe of how I want to cook the chicken. I have to have it in the oven by 5:30 so it's ready for when he gets home at 7.

I need to buy some spices and plain oatmeal so I can eat that in the mornings to fill me up during the day. I love cinnamon on my oatmeal. It's SOOOO yummy an d gives so much flavour for no calories :) I need to find more foods like that and I need to get more veggies and more fruits at home and remember to eat them when I'm hungry. :p

Anyways this is just one rambling post that does not make sense! LOL I'll post again when my mind isn't in a million places :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Hello my lovelies...

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging. I just feel disjointed from everything. I don't feel like I really belong anywhere. I haven't spoken with any of my friends in weeks. They don't seem to have the time for me. I feel like i'm on the outside of my familiy and really all my life consists of right now is sitting in my house. I feel so devoid of everything right now. My weight sucks, I have no friends and I have no one to talk to. D would just think I'm over reacting and being dramatic, but he's the one that has plans every week and I'm the one that either stays at home or just trails along because I have nothing better to do.

My birthday is tomorrow and it doesn't even feel like it's my birthday. It just feels like another day of the week. Usually this month is a huge event because I have so many friends that share this month with me so we usually spend the whole month prior planning a huge party/night out. This year, no one has even mentioned anything. Granted T's dad passed away a couple of weeks ago and she's not really up for much right now. And I'm not saying that I'm more important. It's just that this month feels weird and not normal.

On the note of T. I'm not sure if she still considers me a good friend anymore. During the whole time her dad was sick I was e-mailing her and txting her to see how she was and if there was anything I could do for her. Things finally settled down for her and we were trying to make plans to get together. Granted we both have very different schedules and we came to today being a good day to get together but D had already made dinner plans for my brithday since I work tomorrow night. I asked her if we could do Saturday evening instead, and she agreed. Then suddenly last night she texts me saying that she'll have to pass on Saturday. No reason and no suggestions for rescheduling. In the meantime, she's messaged almost everyone else she know's on Facebook to make plans with them and is in the process of making them. I'm not sure what I did that she doesn't want to see me. But oh well, this all just falls back into what I'm saying here.

I really need to spend more time on here with you all. At least I feel like I belong here and I don't have to worry about what I say or do. I don't know if any of you feel like I do but this has been something that's been bugging me for a while and I just haven't said anything.

To you married girls out there, do you feel like since you've been married that your single friends really don't talk to you as much as they used to?

I don't know how I'm going to hide this funk from D tonight. He's taking me out because of the way I've been feeling about my birthday. He knows I've been feeling off about everything. He's trying hard to make this an exciting birthday for turning 25.

Food wise I've only been ok. I've been managing to keep HSBQ score at the right level but this weekend was a bit of a bad food fest. I did exercise and work off most of the calories. I didn't eat at all at work but the evenings were filled with wings and soda or wine and rich food. My weight hasn't changed much since wednesday, I'm still at 141. I was hoping to be back below 140 by today but I guess I'll be trying again for that this week.

Anyways, I think I've spent enough time boring the crap out of you all. I miss being on blogger and I miss all of you so so! I promise I'll be on every night posting from here on in!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Food: 20

1 rice cake - 45
1 cup spinach - 5
2 tbs pomegranate seeds - 50
3 pickled beet slices - 15
10 pistachios - 60

Water - 6
5 cups

Exercise - 10
1 hour kinect games

Challenge - 15
Don't Shout
Only water
Stuck to my plans

Day 1 went extremely well. Under 200 cals today and not starving! I can totally do this! I hope I dropped down at least a pound tomorrow when I weigh in!
so out of a score of 40 i got 51 so I'm well on my way to getting a perfect score this week

Sunday, November 7, 2010


I'm FINALLY back down to 140. And not 140.something-or-other...140 on the nose!! I'm well on my way back down into the 130s!! I know this is great news for the next 4 weeks.

Today D and I are going out around town and buying our first Christmas tree and decrations for the house!! I'm so excited! We bought our first tree ornament this week too! It's a Startbucks cup ornament! lol. We practically live at Starbucks and the one we always go to is where we went for dates when we were first dating, and then we would wait for eachother there while we waited for the other to finish work. Now we just go every morning before work! lol They know us by name and order there and they even gave us a pound of coffee for our house warming! lol So we just thought it was fitting to have that ornament on our tree! lol

We will be getting the "First Christmas" and "First House" ornaments too but I'm still thinking of what the theme/colours of the decorations we will have. I'm thinking mauves and cream or something along those lines :) I figure I'll go all matchy matchy Martha Stewart/Canadian Living until D and I collect ornaments to give the tree that kitchy family feeling :)

So today is going to a be a bit of a worry free day. D and I are planning on seeing Megamind tonight (maybe) so I don't plan on eating during the day but I wont freak out over being surrounded by candy and such at the theatre. This is my last day of being undiciplined and starting tomorrow it will be veggies and fruit or pickled things for sweets. I will be staying under 500 cals no matter what any day for the next 4 weeks. I have dusted off my calorie counter on my iPod so I can keep track of my intake. No late dinners after working late. There is no excuse!

Wish me luck every one!!

Oh, and to my new followers...If I'm not following your blogs, send me a link in the comments of this post and I'll follow you!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

HSBQ course outlines

Points system Course (2) Weeks 1 &2

You must get at least 40 points in a day and 205 points in a week.
It is possible to achieve more than 80 points in a day and more than 320 points in a week.
The points you can get are in the list below. Make sure to save the list if you sign up for this course.
Weekends are not included so you must reach your points in 5 days.


100-200 cals: 20 points
Liquid Fasting: 15 points
Fasting: 13 points
201-300 cals: 11 points
301-400 cals: 9 points
401-500 cals: 7 points
501-600 cals: 5 points
601-700 cals: 4 points
701-800 cals: 3 points
801-900 cals: 2 points
901-1000 cals: 1 poinst
1000 plus: -3 points


Hour of activity, e.g. dance running walking etc: 10 points
100 situps: 5 points
24 Repeats of any toning exercise: 5 points
1 min plank: 2 points (click here to see what the plank is)


9-10 cups: 15 points
8 Cups: 13 points
7 cups: 10 points
6 cups: 8 points
5 cups: 6 points
4 cups: 4 points
3 cups: 2 points
2 cup: 0 points
1 or les cups: -5 points


Only drink water: 5 points
Don't shout or argue and be polite: 5 points
Stick to your plans: 5 points
Dress up: 5 points


Set out your plan at the start of the day, so you know how to get the points you want
Tick off things as you go through them
Walk to college work or school/ where ever to add those extra points

Hit the minimum points at least. You are graded upon the points you hand in on your test, and the homeworks that have been done. The last part of your grade is if you hit the weight loss you intended to hit. Your points should look as follows.

If the course runs for 2 Weeks: 410
If the course runs for 3 weeks: 615
If the course runs for 4 weeks: 820
If the course runs for 5 weeks: 1025

Hard Core Points (3) Weeks 3 & 4
You must get at least 80 points in a day and 450 points in a week.
It is possible to get more than 100 points in a day and more than 500 points in a week.
The points are listed below. If you sign up for this course make sure to copy them.
Weekends are not included.


100-200 cals: 25 points
Liquid Fasting: 17 points
Fasting: 15 points
201-300 cals: 13 points
301-400 cals: 10 points
401-500 cals: 9 points
501-600 cals: 8 points
601-700 cals: 4 points
701-800 cals: 3 points
801-900 cals: 2 points
901-1000 cals: 1 poinst
1000-1100: -3 points
1101-1200: -4points
1201-1300: -5points
1301-1400: -6points
1401-1500: -7
1501 and above: -20points


Hour of activity, e.g. dance running walking etc: 10 points
100 situps: 5 points
12 Repeats of any toning exercise: 5 points


11+ cups: 30 points
(Please try not to drink more than 15 glasses of water, too much can harm you!)
9-10 cups: 15 points
8 Cups: 10 points
7 cups: 8 points
6 cups: 6 points
5 cups: 5 points
4 cups: 3 points
3 cups: 1 points
2 cup: -3 points
1 or les cups: -10 points


Only drink water: 5 points
Get More than 150 points in one day: 5 points


Set out your plan at the start of the day, so you know how to get the points you want
Tick off things as you go through them
Walk to college work or school/ where ever to add those extra points

This is graded on the amount of points you receive by the end of the course.
The points by the end of the course will look like this.

If the course runs for 2 weeks: 900
If the course runs for 3 weeks: 1350
If the course runs for 4 weeks: 1800
If the course runs for 5 weeks: 2250

So there you go. There is my 4 week plan starting on Monday. I can't wait! I plan on losing 15lbs in that time! I will get perfect scores every week!! I have the perfect guidelines to do it! woo!

great day

Quick post but...

I did really well today!! I didn't meals today. I had a total of 200 cals from picking at halloween candy while I worked. I had 4 Runtz, 3 fuzzy peach drops and one tube of rockets. At dinner tonight I had two bites of my steak and 5 tortellini (300 cals but I'm probably over calculating but I'd rather over estimate than under). So I'm thinking 500 for the entire day. I haven't had a 500 day in a LONG time!

So funny thing happened to me yesterday!! I got a call from a store I shop at called Marciano. I had supposedly ordered a dress from another store and it had come in. The weird thing was is that I hadn't been in the store in weeks. So I had to go downtown anyways so I thought I might as well go check out the dress. I got to the store and they brought out the dress and I had never seen it in my life. It was my size and everything but I didn't remember ordering it or anything. So anyways...I tried it on and it fit perfectly! OMG it made me look SO skinny!! So, I bought it. There is probably some girl in this city with the same name as me who's going to be pretty angry that their dress never came in! lol! I'll send a pic of the dress later!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Successful shopping expedition!

Hello lovelies!

So I wont be posting my measurements until my period is over. Too much water weight.

So I went out and did some errands today. I went to the bookstore and bought a book on Ashtanga yoga and Sitck Figure: A Diary of My Former Self.

I went to GNC to get more Multivitamins and look at new diet pills and I found this "stack"

It's a thermogenic, performance enhancer, and a CLA supplement.

I'm hoping that this will enhance my calories burned while I'm a work and during my workouts.

I can't wait to read my book on Ashtanga yoga! I wish there was a studio that had classes where I live but the only ones are all the way downtown. So I will be teaching myself how to do it and incorporate it into my morning routine.

I went to lunch with my mom today. It's the first "date" we've had since I got married. It was reallly nice. I had 1/4 cup of seaweed salad and 6 little salmon rolls. I'm going to estimate about 400 cals. I hadn't eaten until lunch and I don't plan on eating more than 100 cals for the rest of the day.

I've signed up at this website called High School Beauty Queen which is set up every month as a "school term" where you do diets. It's a 4 week term where you do a minor and a major (minors are easy and majors are harder). You can do "classes" that count calories or points, focus on exercising, or are flexible  and more generalized. You have to submit "homework" every week updating the site on how you did and they grade you giving you points towards your next "grade level." I hope this helps me stay accountable. I've decided to go with a points system because I find it really hard to keep track of calories. I can set up my days based on my points (food, exercise, water and a challenge) for my minor I have to get at least 40 points a day and 205 points a week (Monday - Friday). My major is I have to get 80 points a day and 450 points a week. I'm pretty excited and I hope I can lose up to 15 lbs by the end of the term. They are "enrolling" right now and the term starts on Nov. 8 and runs until Dec. 3. So just in time for Christmas and New Years. I plan on doing another term in January just in time for my Vacation in February. D and I plan on going somewhere warm so my next term will be an Exercise based major and minor.

You should check it out if you're looking for a new way to track your diets! :)

I will post my "homework" here at the end of every week to keep you all updated on how I'm doing. I will also post the points system later today. :)