Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Hey girls.

So I'm braving your comments. This is me this morning. I'm second day period bloat and my weight is up a bit. What do you all think? See bottom of post.

I've been drinking TONS of water to try to reduce the water retention. I hope this helps. The Victoria Secret show is definitely giving me new vigor. I will hit my Christmas goal. Their thighs are so muscular and shapely yet they ALL have gaps! I really want their entire diet and regime.
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  1. Obviously, we can all be thinner, but you have such a nice little but curved bum and very feminine curves on the top half (I'm basically flat chested, so I'm jealous! haha)

    The VS show is so inspiring isn't it?? Just a little extra motivation for our Christmas goals :)

  2. i hope in weight loss you get to keep your curves because they're darling. i actually think you're looking pretty swell. it would be lovely to have their diet on hand, wouldn't it? i suppose we'll just have to be creative with our own diets. stay strong, doll.

  3. i'm watching the vs show tonight. I swear those women are from out of space. I betcha their diet is only 50% of the equation. The rest is genetics which you either have or you don't. You are looking good. The tummy looks pretty flat. is that a vs bra? I have a vs bra that looks similar!