Thursday, May 16, 2013

Good morning Lovelies,

I have spent the better part this past week just staring at an empty post box. Trying to figure out what to write about. I know my last couple of posts haven't been all that positive, or really interesting and I want to give you all something interesting to read. But lately my life has been anything but interesting. I'm just generally a boring person. I don't get out much, my weekends are spent helping my parents out with their renos and visiting with them and my grandparents. 

On the weight front, I'm still hovering in the low 130s but the good thing is that most days I'm consistently in the 132s. I guess that can't be all bad. I haven't been making it to the gym these last couple of weeks. Work has me here well past evening class times and I'm just so busy that all I want to do these days is just sleep. It didn't help that I was also horribly sick this past week as well. Some sort of Spring cold mixed with a flu of sorts. Just gross. 

With work, we hired a marketing consultant to help with brand recognition to up our enrolment. So we're in the middle of a new campaign with posters up around the city, radio ads, newspaper ads and online advertising. Next week we have an open house to close off the campaign. Needless to say, with working on admitting potential students and preparing for this open house has me busier than ever. 

Finances seem to be getting back on track. REALLY slowly though. Our savings account is slowly starting to hold money in it. D has a good handle on his credit cards, and I'm chipping away at mine. This month has been a god-send. We managed to get a full month credit on our internet/cable/phone bill so I have an extra $420 this month which is going right to my credit cards to get a chunk paid off. It's slower than I'd like but it still feels good. D and I might also be able to buy a patio set as well on our next pay cheque. All with cash. No credit needed! 

Other than that, I'm running the Spartan Race in June. Haven't really been training for it so we'll see if I can last the 5k. I'll probably be a pile of jelly with cuts, scrapes and bruises by the end of the weekend.

I've gone back to skipping lunch entirely at work again, and just having a bit of fruit to last me the day so I don't over eat at dinner time. D and I have been really good as well, cooking almost every night. There have been the VERY odd time in the last few months where we have ordered take-out but over all we haven't gone to restaurants except for the odd special occasion.

I'm also taking this opportunity this month to buy some new clothes for work. I'm in desperate need for something to wear these days. I need to find a store that sells good quality while staying within a good price range. If I had my way, I'd buy from my favourite stores and rack up a very high bill! But, I need quite a few things not just a piece or two. 

Anyways, I need to run. Time to get back to the giant pile of work that is sitting beside me!