Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hello lovelies!

Sorry I haven't updated you all since my last little blub.

So the new job is awesome. Basically my title is Manager of Marketing and Admissions. I'm responsible for the school's admissions process; setting up interviews, scheduling testing, gathering transcripts and applications, sending out acceptance packages and logging payments. I also am in charge of marketing the school name to the public and increasing awareness of the school. That means I'll be attending school fairs and shows, meeting with agents and travelling to find markets that would work for our school. We are currently trying to break through the Asian market to increase our boarding numbers.

I am also on the Fundraising Marketing Committee. I am the chair of the Marketing Committee and we are responsible for increasing awareness to possible donors in the community. We are going to be building a new school as the buildings we are currently using are 50 years old and started off as a summer camp. The new building is absolutely beautiful (from the archetectural plans) but will require us to raise about 8 million to build to completion. So if any of you are supporters of education, please donate?? Lol just kidding (only sort of kind of).

Tonight is T's bachelorette and we're doing a Sex and the City theme and will be painting the town red. We will be having cosmos and sugar free jello shots. I need a good night out of dancing and debauchery. I'm currently sitting at 132, I can't seem to shed this pound that I've gained. I took a break from diet pills this last month because I didn't really feel any effects anymore. So, I bought the new NV pills again because the last time I took them I really liked them and they pushed me off my plateau. I hope this will get me over the 130 mark. Today is liquids ony until the party. We're doing a salad bar because T is famous for her crazy huge healthy salads. I think we have an ingredient list of about 20 things, different veggies and toppings like cheese, nuts and berries. I plan on keeping my salad to no dressing and veggies only. Light tummy = better drunk + super low cal.

Is it bad of me that I want to go out to the bar and get hit on? We're going to 21-25+ clubs so the clientel is going to be older (legal age here is 19). I just want to feel desirable and know I still have "it". Sometimes hearing the same things from D can loose its dazzle and sometimes I need to hear it from other people. I just need that confidence boost. So J and T have amazing outfits for the night and I definitely feel sub par to them. They're both so tiny and perfect, I always feel gross beside them. Pictures tonight are going to be horrible. I've been freaking out over what I'll be wearing today nothing fits right or looks right. Sigh...story of my life.

Anyways I'm off to pack and get myself together for this afternoon. I have a long day ahead of me.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


So, I think I've kept you all in the dark long enough. Starting on March 19, I will be working for a Boarding School doing Marketing and Recruitment. It was unbelieveable how the job just fell into my lap. Remember (way back) how I always said that getting a job these days requires you know someone? Well, I went to this boarding school and I've been an active Alum ever since. So, last Thursday, I get an e-mail from the principal telling me the job is opening up and that if I'm interested that I should submit my resume. Well, I did (obviously). Friday morning, it wasn't even 9 yet, I get an other e-mail from her telling me that a formal interview was unneccessarry and that I had the job. Basically, they wanted me from the get go.

I'm bouncing off the walls. I'm finally leaving the shackles of Costco after 6 years. I'm rid of that corrupt two sided place.

In other news. Today is T's Engagement party, and I will be having approximately 35-40 people over this afternoon. I hope my little house can hold that many!! It's currently 7:30, and I still have to vaccum, dust and wash the floors. I'm going to be waking D up in a moment, to go to the hardware store so we can finally put up a towel rack and a toilet paper roll holder (or whatever it's called). I'll also probalby get him to do the floors for me. I haven't asked him to do much since his favourite game came out this week (Mass Effect 3). I've let him get in some good playing time.

Obviously there will be a crap ton of food today, but for the most part it will be super healthy except some of the cheeses, meats and cupcakes.

Well I thought I would all bring you up to date with my goings ons. I hve to get back to getting ready. My friend J and her new boyfriend will be here at 10 and I still have to run out to the store before everyone gets here.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Hello my lovelies!!

I got a job offer this morning!! I don't have time to explain right now but I'll follow up with an update post later on today/tonight!!

I'm litterally bouncing off the walls right now!