Sunday, March 11, 2012


So, I think I've kept you all in the dark long enough. Starting on March 19, I will be working for a Boarding School doing Marketing and Recruitment. It was unbelieveable how the job just fell into my lap. Remember (way back) how I always said that getting a job these days requires you know someone? Well, I went to this boarding school and I've been an active Alum ever since. So, last Thursday, I get an e-mail from the principal telling me the job is opening up and that if I'm interested that I should submit my resume. Well, I did (obviously). Friday morning, it wasn't even 9 yet, I get an other e-mail from her telling me that a formal interview was unneccessarry and that I had the job. Basically, they wanted me from the get go.

I'm bouncing off the walls. I'm finally leaving the shackles of Costco after 6 years. I'm rid of that corrupt two sided place.

In other news. Today is T's Engagement party, and I will be having approximately 35-40 people over this afternoon. I hope my little house can hold that many!! It's currently 7:30, and I still have to vaccum, dust and wash the floors. I'm going to be waking D up in a moment, to go to the hardware store so we can finally put up a towel rack and a toilet paper roll holder (or whatever it's called). I'll also probalby get him to do the floors for me. I haven't asked him to do much since his favourite game came out this week (Mass Effect 3). I've let him get in some good playing time.

Obviously there will be a crap ton of food today, but for the most part it will be super healthy except some of the cheeses, meats and cupcakes.

Well I thought I would all bring you up to date with my goings ons. I hve to get back to getting ready. My friend J and her new boyfriend will be here at 10 and I still have to run out to the store before everyone gets here.


  1. Awesome!! I'm so happy for you. Now you are one of the lucky ones who knows someone and gets the job. Congrats. Hope the party turns out great.

  2. Congratulations on your new job! That is amazing, especially in this economy. Bravo, miss! Boarding school culture is kind of intense, but also can be a great place to work - I coached at a boarding school last spring and really loved it (obviously, you went there, so it's not secret to you)