Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hey lovelies,

So the weekend in MTL was a lot of fun. But. D and I had a finance fight. Well not really a fight. Just us both being frustrated. He was feeling pressure because his bills were due this week and he had to pay them on the weekend leaving him with little cash for the next 2 weeks. He didn't think we could afford the trip. I had him pay for the hotel while I bought dinner, paid the gas and for the drinks. He was really pissy and mopey all day which made things really stressful and frustrating for me because I just wanted to enjoy myself. Before we went to dinner I had showed him my bank account showing that I had more than enough money to get us through the next 2 weeks comfortably and with a little room to spare. I think he just felt helpless because usually he's the one that pays for trips like this because he likes to "take me out." I decided to push my bill payments to next pay (when they're due) rather than splitting them between this last one and the next. Next week will be a little tight but it wont be the end of the world. There's nothing pressing that needs to be done. I can do my Christmas shopping the weekend before Christmas. It's not the end of the world.

I'm starting to get a little worried. I'm 2 days late on my period. Not that that's really anything, but I haven't had any PMS symptoms that I usually get and even if I have an irregular month I'm not off by more than 2-3 days. So if I don't get my period by Thursday, something's not right. I really hope it's nothing because I don't feel like I could handle having a baby at this point in time. I feel that D and I are just not prepared 1)to properly support and be responsible like that for a baby and 2)just want to do too many things first before we take that plunge. I really think D and I have to get a lot sorted out before we can do something like that and I don't know what I would do if I actually ended up being pregnant.

ANYWAYS...enough of that. It's probably nothing at all and I'm just over stressing.

Work is crazy busy as always and has me passing out by 10:30 every night. I'm just counting down the days until the 21st and then I'll have 11 days off in a row :)

Anyways off to a meeting I go I just wanted to catch you ladies up on everything.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Weekend planning

So, spoke with K last night about all the details of the Saturday night. Eventually we came to the topic of what-to-wear. She's wearing the cocktail dress below so I need to find a cocktail dress from my closet that is equally as classy.

As it currently stands in my closet, I have the black dress I wore to the gala the other weekend, a green knit bodycon dress, and then everything else is either summery or too clubby. I think I may be making a stop in at Dynamite or at the worst Guess to pick up a bodycon type cocktail dress...who knows. 

To prepare for the weekend. I'm considering doing the 3 day diet. I couldn't start it today as I didn't have the food at home. I need to run to the grocery store tomorrow to pick up supplies. Either that, or liquids. I just need to lose some water weight and bloat. Nothing huge. I just don't want to be puffy as the event we're attending after dinner is a grand opening of a lounge in the Montreal Hyatt. It's a red carpet event, so there will be photos taken as we walk in. Need to look good. At least I will have my shoes, clutch and accessories taken care of so it's just figuring out a dress. 

So I got some money for my birthday and I've been thinking if I should put that money towards clothing, or buy a bottle or two of OxyElite? Thoughts? I need the clothing for work, but the OxyElite worked so well and gave me great results...

So other than racking my brain over what I'll be wearing Saturday, I have to prepare my presentation to the board for tonight so I'm off to work my ass off for the next 8 hours!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hey lovelies!!

So this past weekend was probably one of the best weekends ever. My oldest best friend showing up and surprising me out of the blue, seeing my whole family and doing absolutely nothing productive all weekend was amazing.

K - I'm sorry I fell off the tracking bandwagon. I'm going to start logging again tomorrow. It hasn't been good.

This weekend I ate

Friday night:
Pizza, Twisty Bread, DQ ice cream cake, copious amounts of wine.

2 Poached eggs, 2 slices of multigrain toast, 4 strips of bacon, 1/2 cup homefries.
1.5 cups spaghetti and tomato sauce
6" Subway chicken pizziola sub and chips
more obscene amounts of wine

Roast beef, roast potatoes, asparagus, yorkshire pudding, gravy, baguette, cheeses, veggies and dip and birthday cake
more wine


Somehow, SOMEHOW, I did not gain this weekend (knock on wood). I'm now in catch up.
Yesterday I didn't eat anything but an apple and some walnuts until dinner. I then had a chicken thigh, with 1/4 cup rice and some stirfried veggies.

Today I had an apple and then the school lunch, bangers and mash (2 little sausages and 1/4/ cup mashed potatoes) with a cup of chicken broth and some veggies. I plan on having soup tonight for dinner and cooking D a chicken breast.

This weekend I'm heading to Montreal. D and I are heading down on Saturday morning, and will be spending the day shopping (spending my birthday $$ and D is buying me my present) then we're going out to dinner for my friend K's engagement dinner and then out dancing. I need to start figuring out my outfit. Worst case scenario, I'll buy something there but I don't want to spend my birthday money on a cocktail dress I'll probably only wear once.

I'm excited for the weekend but not so much the dinner food portion. At least it's a bring-your-own-wine place. That will save us a buck or two!

Now back to work and looking at hotel deals!

Friday, November 16, 2012


Quick update!!

So today is my birthday. And I'm having a girls' 90s night. We're watching 2gether the movie (YouTube it).

Anyways there is pizza cheesy 90s movies wine and DQ ice cream cake. Throw back!!

So the big news is that my sister plotted as a surprise to have my bestest oldest friend show up tonight! Yay!!

Back to movies. I'll worry about the bad food later.

Friday, November 9, 2012

New Layout

K from skinny mentioned that she was having trouble commenting. I hadn't realized that my blog was giving people trouble! Sorry!!!

I finally played around with the layout of the blog to get it back to the original templates from the Dynamic Views. Hopefully this will help with commenting. I also made it pretty again and put in a new photo at the top. I definitely like it a lot better.

I don't have time to do a proper update today. Changing my layout took too long. Lol.

I'll try to get one in over the weekend!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Plugging along

So the shower went well this weekend. People said they liked it. I'm glad because I busted my ass getting ready for it.

Friday, I had planned to get things done at work and then correct some artwork for this fundraiser we're doing. The kids drew Christmas Cards and we're getting them printed and making a profit (for the school) of the sales. I had to crop the images and make sure they were to spec for the company who is printing them. I thought it would take me an hour or two. I got to my mom's office (she's got photoshop on her laptop) and I was there until 7:30. It took me 7, yes seven, hours to do them all. I then went back to my parents' house to bake for the shower (after picking up ingredients) and proceeded to bake. The first round of Macarons failed. The savoury tarts took forever to put together. The Pavlova didn't set properly over night and my second attempt at the Macarons only ended up yeilding me 12 sandwiches. We finished baking at 1 am and I was up at 7 to get everything ready and home to change and back out again by 9:30 so I could go buy cupcakes. Needless to say I'm still catching up on sleep from Friday night.

People did have fun though. It was a small group of us and we all enjoyed each other's company.

This week I'm in webinars for training on our new database. Yesterday's almost put me to sleep. Today, to make sure I don't fall asleep I'm going to do lunges and squats and other exercises to keep me moving. The instructor's voices are so monotonous (wow that's a lot of O's) and make it difficult to stay focused. The training is required before they activate the software so it's mandatory. However, the manuals on these trainings are available on the database itself. I want to print them out but each one is between 60-100 pages. I don't know if I can use that much paper on something that will come up in a PDF.

I'm up at 135 again. My eating has been just atrocious this last week and a bit. I have been eating poorly and not sleeping much or well. Today I plan on fasting at work and then only having fruit or a salad when I get home tonight.

Miranda: I am planning on telling my boss that I thought covering for the secretary was only temporary and if anyone else can split these days with me. Right now we have accountants in auditing our books to make sure as a NPO we are on the up and up. So she's pretty stressed right now and I'm trying to get something else out of her in the meantime.

désespérée: Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate your kind words. I would love it if I could run. I have bad knees that limit the amount I can run and pavement makes it worse. I run on a treadmill when I can get to the gym. Work is a 20 minute drive so running from work would be quite a trek. Running has always been something I admire in people, wishing I could do it myself.

Kitty: Thanks! I'll take you up on that offer next time I feel like I was. It's great to know there's someone out there willing to listen in real time. ;)

So the next few weeks are going to be killer. I have to do a Cost Analysis of the school and determine what tuition and fees should be so that the school is never running at a deficit if we do not have enough boarders enrolled. I wont really be able to start on that until this weekend because my boss still hasn't given me the information I need to do this analysis. I told her I need it by the weekend because this weekend is a long weekend and we don't come back to work until Wednesday next week. If I only got it that day, it would only give me a week to get it done. If I get it on Friday, I would have the long weekend to work on it as well. I also have to finish a brochure and find tutoring centres and call them to ask if we can send them brochures and to whom we address the package to. So far I have 12 found and I need to find at least 10 more and then find Child Psychologists as well. At least I wont have to call them I will just have to get the information of the internet.

Well my webinar starts in 30 mins so I'm off to refill my coffee and pull up a good leg workout.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Oh God.

I haven't felt like this for a long time. I'm panicky, anxious, irritable and I feel like I could cry if someone looks at me wrong.

I feel overloaded, burdened and lost. I can't focus on any one thing at a time and the last thing I want to do is anything. I just want to lay on my couch, in my PJs with my cat. Not necessarily watching TV or doing anything just being in that scenario is the only thing that's appealing.

Work is just starting to kill me. I have so many little tiny tasks to do for last week that are all urgent and require my immediate attention by each person who has given me the assignment. I'm just trying to stay afloat and make it to the end of the week. I know that I'll be working over the next few weekends. There's no doubt about it. I won't go into every minute thing I have to do. I don't want to bore you all with these trivial things. I just need to get these emotions out because I don't know where else to get them out.

I don't have an outlet. I want to get back to the gym but my schedule just isn't permitting me to. I know what you're all thinking. I'm just making excuses and that I will have the time if I make the time. Blah blah blah. I'm just so worn at the end of the day that adding to my schedule just seems like I would break. I found out yesterday that covering for the secretary Tues-Thurs is actually a permanent thing this year. When I was asked to do this because her babysitter quit on her 2 weeks before school started, I took this on thinking it would be something that would need to be done until she found a new one. I guess she couldn't find a new sitter or daycare that wasn't full for the year already. But I'm not sure if she was even looking after the school year started. So I don't get home from work until 6, three days a week. If I went to the gym, I wouldn't be home until 8:30 at the earliest, and D is always passed out by then. So I don't see my hubby. You know it all. Update: the secretary leaves in the middle of the afternoon to pick her son up from school.

T's baby shower is this Saturday and I haven't done a thing for it yet. I know I'm baking French macarons.

That's it.

No games planned. No other food or bits and bites.                                  Nothing.

I don't know why I feel so overwhelmed and helpless.

I'm going to get back to work. Time to put the fake smile back on.