Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Plugging along

So the shower went well this weekend. People said they liked it. I'm glad because I busted my ass getting ready for it.

Friday, I had planned to get things done at work and then correct some artwork for this fundraiser we're doing. The kids drew Christmas Cards and we're getting them printed and making a profit (for the school) of the sales. I had to crop the images and make sure they were to spec for the company who is printing them. I thought it would take me an hour or two. I got to my mom's office (she's got photoshop on her laptop) and I was there until 7:30. It took me 7, yes seven, hours to do them all. I then went back to my parents' house to bake for the shower (after picking up ingredients) and proceeded to bake. The first round of Macarons failed. The savoury tarts took forever to put together. The Pavlova didn't set properly over night and my second attempt at the Macarons only ended up yeilding me 12 sandwiches. We finished baking at 1 am and I was up at 7 to get everything ready and home to change and back out again by 9:30 so I could go buy cupcakes. Needless to say I'm still catching up on sleep from Friday night.

People did have fun though. It was a small group of us and we all enjoyed each other's company.

This week I'm in webinars for training on our new database. Yesterday's almost put me to sleep. Today, to make sure I don't fall asleep I'm going to do lunges and squats and other exercises to keep me moving. The instructor's voices are so monotonous (wow that's a lot of O's) and make it difficult to stay focused. The training is required before they activate the software so it's mandatory. However, the manuals on these trainings are available on the database itself. I want to print them out but each one is between 60-100 pages. I don't know if I can use that much paper on something that will come up in a PDF.

I'm up at 135 again. My eating has been just atrocious this last week and a bit. I have been eating poorly and not sleeping much or well. Today I plan on fasting at work and then only having fruit or a salad when I get home tonight.

Miranda: I am planning on telling my boss that I thought covering for the secretary was only temporary and if anyone else can split these days with me. Right now we have accountants in auditing our books to make sure as a NPO we are on the up and up. So she's pretty stressed right now and I'm trying to get something else out of her in the meantime.

désespérée: Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate your kind words. I would love it if I could run. I have bad knees that limit the amount I can run and pavement makes it worse. I run on a treadmill when I can get to the gym. Work is a 20 minute drive so running from work would be quite a trek. Running has always been something I admire in people, wishing I could do it myself.

Kitty: Thanks! I'll take you up on that offer next time I feel like I was. It's great to know there's someone out there willing to listen in real time. ;)

So the next few weeks are going to be killer. I have to do a Cost Analysis of the school and determine what tuition and fees should be so that the school is never running at a deficit if we do not have enough boarders enrolled. I wont really be able to start on that until this weekend because my boss still hasn't given me the information I need to do this analysis. I told her I need it by the weekend because this weekend is a long weekend and we don't come back to work until Wednesday next week. If I only got it that day, it would only give me a week to get it done. If I get it on Friday, I would have the long weekend to work on it as well. I also have to finish a brochure and find tutoring centres and call them to ask if we can send them brochures and to whom we address the package to. So far I have 12 found and I need to find at least 10 more and then find Child Psychologists as well. At least I wont have to call them I will just have to get the information of the internet.

Well my webinar starts in 30 mins so I'm off to refill my coffee and pull up a good leg workout.

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  1. Your job sounds so cool! I HATE boring webinars though. They are pretty much awful. Good job on the shower. Sounds like it was a heck of a lot of work but you pulled it off.