Friday, October 29, 2010



I feel so gross today, I am on the tipping point of my period. My weight has gone up but it is only water and it will definitely be lower in a couple of days.

Today I was decently good. I had a small brocolli salad today. I ate around the bacon and only had half the dressing. I calculated approximately 400 cals for both my breakfast and lunch together. I did go out for dinner with D but for the first time in a LONG time I left food on my plate. We didn't order a starter OR dessert. I had lamb with brocolli (can you tell I'm coming to my time of month. I know it's a weird craving but it could be worse!) and mashed potatoes. I didn't eat my potatoes and ate half the brocolli and half the lamb. I'm going to just guess and say 800 since the restaurant doesn't post their calorie content. So for a date day 1200 cals.

So with my cals burned for the day:

Standing 7 hrs = 529 cals
Walking 1 hr = 277 cals

Total cals burned = 806 cals

so I have just under 400 cals left over for the day. Unfortunately I wont be able to burn those off before I go to sleep. Tomorrow will be a better day. But today wasn't bad.

Tomorrow I will stick to tea all day. I plan on buying a tumbler for my coffee and tea and keep it at the counter with me all  day and just constantly fill it up with tea and coffee. I'm thinking of buying a continigo (sp?) this awesome thermos mug that has a button to open the sippy part and you have to keep holding it down or it seals up again. This stops it from spilling if it gets knocked over. I've only heard great things about these mugs! I can't wait to get one!! yay!

When my period ends next week I will be taking new measurements and I will have settled into my routine  and starting the gym for good again. I will also be going to yoga once a week on Sundays.

I know I can do this because I have done so well over the last 8 months. It's been a slow process but I've made so much progress. 20 lbs. I know a lot of you girls have been more successfull with how quickly you've lost but I have found that I just gain it back harder when I lose it faster. I've been trying to loose quickly but not more than what will be permanent for myself.

My week has pretty much consisted of small snack items during my day at work. no more than 250 cals and then a small dinner. I haven't been going past 500. I'm going to start looking into the quality of food I've been eating to see if that's been stunting my loss.

I know my posts have not been the best lately and I want to appologize and I really will make sure things will get better again.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Hello to my new followers if I haven't welcomed you here yet! I'm sorry I haven been as frequent with my posts.

I'm FINALLY at 140, but we'll see how long that lasts. I haven't mad it to the gym but I have been packing groceries for the last 5 days straight. I'm sitting at work right now waiting for my shift to start. All I've had today was a whole grain bagel. Toasted. I really don't feel like working today. I have a huge migraine and can barely see straight. It's just noon now and I work until 9. I don't think ill last. I'm drinking water and I'm going to see if I can get some tylenol or something to help me out.

All I want to do today is get back into my pj's and curl up on the couch in a big fuzzy blanket and watch tv or play video games.

Anyways, lovelies, I have to go swipe in and start my shift. I will try to post again soon.
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Set up for success

So bought my vacuum last night!! I got a Dyson DC21 and I LOVE it! It sucked up so much crap we had to empty the canister 5 times!!!

So today I'm setting up for success. I have 2 white cheddar rice cakes (90 cals) and 1 measured serving of dry cereal (130 cals). So I am only going to have 220 cals before 730 (might be going for dinner with the mum in law before she heads back to newfoundland this week.) But I don't plan on eating all that I have with me. Its just incase I need the energy while I'm at work.

I'm still sitting steady. No gain but by the weekend I plan on being under 140...well ideally under 138. Working packing groceries and walking around should definitely help with that! Plus I'm going to try to throw in a trip or two to the gym to speed things up!

Anyways, time to go to work. I'll update during one of my breaks.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

building a home

is a lot of work. I have spent my entire morning shopping for vacuum cleaners. Trying to find the best vacuums for the best prices. I have to say, I`m actually kind of excited to buy my first vacuum!!

So weight wise I`m still hovering around 141. I was up as high as 144 this week but it wasn`t long lasting at all. I just have to make sure our cooking isn`t filled with oil and butter. I`ve also been kicking it up on the water.

Today I had 1/2 cup of seaweed salad. With the dressing, I'm estimating around 200 cals. I have to say it's better than the McDonald's I was craving. All I wanted was something savoury so it did the trick. I think 200 is WAY better than 1000 in one sitting. I also had a coffee with some skim milk in it too today (20 cals) so I think I'm on the right track for the day.

For dinner tonight I plan on making D a portabello mushroom burger and I will just have the mushroom cooked with some veggies no bun or sauce or cheese.

I am beginning to get back into a routine and shortly I will be starting to clean the house from top to bottom. this includes: sweeping, mopping, folding, dusting, moving, breaking down boxes etc...I plan on getting this house spotless and all boxes broken down and organized in the garage! I hope this will help me burn some calories. says I should burn roughly the following calories with the activities i will be doing today.

Activity Calories burned

Putting away Groceries 56
Mopping 72
Cooking 113
Shopping 228
Sitting / resting 271
Housework 558

Total Calories Burned 1,298

I think that's a good amount for the day. That means so fart i have a calorie deficit of -1000. yay!

I plan on having only 200 more calories today to make a maximum of 400. Well I'm off to start the cleaning and I still have tons to do before I leave in 3 hours to pick D up from work.
Sorry I haven't been posting frequently!! Just been busy making my house a home!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

slow on the uptake

Hey all!

I know I said I would be posting my intake every day to be more accountable, but I've just been beat from my new job.

But I'm happy to say that for the first time in a long time, I've managed NOT to eat until 7 pm for the first time in EVER!! I only had 2 coffees a lot of water and my 0 cal lifesaver icebreaker sours!! yay!! I'm so happy! However, D cooked a gourmet steak dinner tonight. I think it may have put me back to square one. I am moving a lot at work and making sure to do squats when I bend to pick something up so I'm at least working my muscles.

Tomorrow, I'll be able to get out of eating 100% let's hope I can do it! I'll be driving D to work and then going to the gym for 2 hours (I'm thinking 1 hour bike and 1 hour weights) then I'm working from 12:30 to 9. So D will be no where near me for 12 WHOLE HOURS!!! w00t!

My goal is to be a size 27 jean by the end of the month. I'm teetering just over that size. Tomorrow mronign i'll also be taking my measurements and posting them before I go to the gym (or at least while I'm on the bike via my BlackBerry). Hopefully I'll either see something the same as the wedding or smaller! I am coming close to my period but hopefully I wont be bloated quite yet.

I can't wait to give you all good news (hopefully)  tomorrow morning!!

Miss you all but I am staying updated with you all on my BlackBerry.

Keep it up everyone!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Hello everyone!


Here I am on Sunday morning blogging and watching my husband play Fallout3.

Yesterday was great. I ended up not taking my morning yoga classes and I just did my cardio. I did 15 mins on the eliptical and then 75 mins on the recumbant bike (a total of approximately 886 cals burned(. My legs were a little like jelly after all that. I went shopping with T after the gym and met up for coffee with a friend of hers too. It was a lot of fun but nothing fit me well and I felt like a blimp in everything I tried on. Needless to say I didn't buy anything except for new diet pills. (RapidCuts).

I came home and cooked D dinner and then got ready to go out for a night of dancing. I had bought myself a bottle of wine but couldn't bring myself to drink it. I stayed sober the entire night for fear of consuming too many calories. I had to call the night short because my legs were in so much pain from the cardio. I left the club and went back to T's place and waited for D to pick me up. By the time he got there, I was in so much pain my body was convulsing. The only thing that seemed to be able to relax my muscles was a lot of heat. I came home crawled into bed and took a pain killer and some omega-3 oil pills. I fells asleep pretty quickly once the pain killer kicked in

Today is a day filled with errands and chores (yay). I have to go to my parents' this afternoon and do our laundry and then we are having my dad's birthday dinner. My mom is making (and please forgive my spelling) veiner schnitzel, potatoes (boiled and pan fried with onions) and some other various carb stacked foods. My dad is a bigger carb lover than I am. It's his uber comfort food. I had breakfast and that's all I'll be having until dinner tonight at about 8 or so.

So my weight is still at 142 but I think my measurements are coming back to where they were before the wedding. The gym yesterday helped with that. Tomorrow on my day off I think I'll work my upper body and abs. I'm not sure if I'll go to the gym but I might just do a P90X video or something. Depends on how far my legs will be able to carry me.

Nedt week will be a week filled with restriction. I will eat breakfast on the days I work later in the day but then I wont eat anything until I get home in the evenings and that will be very little in itself. I plan on eating no more than 500 cals each day at a maximum, but I need to make sure I burn off at least 500 at work each day to negate what I consume. If my calories are less in a day then even better. I'm going to start logging down what I'm eating to make myself more accountable for what I'm putting into myself and I can make better decisions since I will be reporting to you all every day (or as often as I can get infront of a computer).

Bye for now everyone! wish me luck with tonight!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

3.5 more hours until I’m done with this job. It’s just unfortunate that I can’t tell everyone to F off and leave my work and desk a mess. The person picking up after me for my biggest project is the only person I like in my department so I have to at least make it as easy as a transition for her after I leave.

Tonight I’m doing a kundalini yoga class and tomorrow morning is ashtanga and yin. Then I’m going to the gym and hanging out with T. So I’ll be quite active over the next 24 hours and I’ll be fasting in the meantime until dinner. The only reason I’m breaking the fast at dinner time tomorrow is because I’ll be drinking tomorrow night and I don’t want to get absolutely plastered and sick. I won’t be having anything big but just enough to give myself a base.

I have to call the warehouse at 2:30 to find out what my schedule next week will be. I’ll try to post more for you all this weekend and let you know how Saturday night goes~!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Ew ew ew ew ew !!!!!! EW!

36 hour fast starting this morning. So far just a coffee and diet pills. I can get away with it with D around because this evening at “dinner time” we will be get our hair cut. My hair takes over an hour to do so I can send him away when he’s done and then not have to eat. Tomorrow I won’t be home at all and I’ll be going straight to a yoga class after work tomorrow and then out and about shopping possibly for Halloween costumes. I know this fast is only a day and a half but I’m going to take baby steps just incase I need to stop it tomorrow (there is the possibility that I will be taken out for lunch by my office). I do, however, plan on fasting until Saturday at about 7 or so because I will be drinking (so small amount of food because of the alcohol I’ll be consuming and to fend off a drinking binge). I hope I can get back into the 130s by early next week!!

The walking to the bus stop will be fantastic for me too. It’s about 10 mins to the first stop and then a 10 min walk to the warehouse from the bus stop (busses where I live SUCK) so 20 mins of walking EVERY DAY that I can’t get out of or else I would lose my job. Then standing for 8 hours. I’ll be burning approx (this is very much an approximation) 852 cals on top of my BMR and even before I go to the gym at all! So I’ll be losing SO MUCH as long as I can manage to keep my intake low low low!

I’m the worst faster in the world. I’m only a couple hours in and I’m already getting light headed, dizzy and tummy growls. Anyone have any ways of not having this happen so early in the game? I have water and coffee and tea and in case of emergencies a bottle of orange juice (to keep blood sugar in check). Hopefully these feelings will go away soon and I can get on with my day. It’s pretty distracting when all you’re doing in sitting in one spot doing data entry. I have a spreadsheet of over 300 rows and input all the information into this software that helps build coupons.

I’m also waiting for my boss to come in so I can tell him what choice I’ve made for this “transfer”. What do you all think…do you think he’ll tell me just to take tomorrow off and not come in?? I’ll take one day without pay before changing jobs!! Yay!

Well I’ve run out of things to say…if I think of more I’ll add to this post…

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So it’s official.

I have my options of positions to step down to. Now it’s just a case of picking. I have the choice of A scale cashier or B scale clerk. The A scale position is a higher pay but with having to bus across town (2-3 hours depending on traffic and transfers) will cost me more than the difference between A and B scale. So it’s pretty much safe to assume that I will be taking the closer B scale position.

I’ll be able to wear a bit nice clothes too because I wont be dealing with dirty registers and carts and I will have less of a chance of food spilling on me and less chances for wear. However, I will have to buy better shoes and some boots to walk in the snow in the coming months.

Wish me luck everyone in looking for a new job and moving up the ranks in my new position really quickly.

I’ve had 300 cals today and since D is cooking back at home who knows how many I’ll be expected to eat tonight. I am not, however, going to gorge on sweets and treats while I laze about the house this evening.

Now I just need to find a bauble or band for my finger while I’m at work so I don’t lose my ring. Mind you, I won’t be on cash so chances are I won’t lose my wedding ring by getting it bumped off by packing groceries. I would just have to put it away if I DID go on cash. I’m trying to save money in any way possible….

This weekend’s outing out to the clubs will be really nice and I’ll be celebrating leaving this oppressive office and working in a fun environment again! Yay!

Want to know what’s great about an empty wallet?? NO TRIPS TO THE VENDING MACHINE! Woo!

Anyways I think I’m going to TRY to work for my last few days…but if it ACTUALLY happens I’ll be quite surprised…
Thank you for all your support.

I’m usually such a positive person (as per previous posts). This funk and self-loathing are so foreign to me. I rarely have feelings like this and I don’t know how to overcome them.

I’m so unmotivated to do anything whatsoever. All I have the desire for is to either sleep or just do hours upon hours of yoga hoping that I can get rid of all this negative energy. I want to sweat out these bad feelings and push way these bad thoughts. I’m finding myself falling into my habits of eating for comfort. Last night I found myself just eating pistachios without even realize what I was doing. I almost ate a whole bowl full before I realized that I had just sat down and devoured it all. I couldn’t even bare to look at the nutritional information for fear that I would go and purge. I refuse to do that and I don’t want to have anything trigger. This mood/funk is really becoming a problem.

I don’t know how to explain this to D. I feel like he wouldn’t understand. I hate making him feel helpless and I hate making myself look like I’m weak.

The only thing about being so upset at work is that I have no appetite, just some liquids to keep up my blood sugar and some gum to chew on to keep my mouth occupied.

I almost told my supervisor where to shove it this morning when I came into work. I’m so sick of his constant picking and micromanaging and then making me look like I don’t know anything and I can’t learn because he’s hovering over me so much that I have no room to learn anything. He says that I have things to do and while I’m waiting for the information he goes ahead and does it for me because he’s impatient (I’m waiting for information that he’s supposed to give me) and then my boss says that he does too much for me and I’ve mentioned in meetings (jokingly) that if he keeps doing these tasks for me I wont have any work to do. But, I guess people don’t see past the fact that he kisses their ass so much that his brown nose is now black.

D said that if he ever sees my supervisor out at a bar he’s going punch him out. I’ve never seen D so protective of me and I kind of like it because I would love to see him just get owned. Lol

Honestly I swear I’m not this vindictive and violent but I just wish bad upon this guy like you wouldn’t believe.

Any of you have any ideas on how I can channel this energy into something good?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

4 days and counting.

4 days until I am out of this hell-hole.

4 days until I can start working towards contentment.

4 days until I begin a physical laborious job. Lifting and squatting and twisting and bending; all the while with a smile on my face.

Hours until I find out where they are going to put me.

Hours until I find out if my life is going to be convenient still or if my life is going to be turned on its head because I have to travel to the other side of the city just to be a cashier.

Hours until I officially dust off my resume and begin applying to jobs.

Hours until I break the news to my parents that their little girl no longer works the convenient Monday to Friday job.

4 days until my last full weekend without request.

4 days until my life changes.

I don’t know how I am going to react to the change. I hope that my superiors realize that I will not be able to be a flexible employee if they make me travel for such a long time across the city (2-3 hour trip by bus depending on transfers).

All I know is that once I start working at the warehouse again I will be standing for 8 hours and moving for 8 hours. I know I will trim up and lose some weight. The only thing I have to worry about is not giving in to the pizza and fries that will be a matter of feet away from where I’m standing every single day.

We brought the cat back home and I’m finding myself trying to win the cat’s affection. My whole weekend has been obsessed with how happy the cat is. I’m not sure why I’m trying to appease and cater to an animal like I am. Yearning for affection from it. I’ve been needy lately and I’m not sure why. I’m getting more than enough attention from D but I’m craving love, I’m searching for acceptance and I feel like I’m falling short; like I’m not living up to some sort of expectations that even I don’t know what they are. D says I’ve changed. Is it post wedding depression? Is it home-sickness? Is it too much change in a short period of time?

I really don’t know.

The scale keeps going up. Every morning it just taunts me that no matter what I do I will never achieve anything. I wont amount to anything. I don’t have control over anything. No matter what I do, I can’t get what I want.

I’m done with this job. I’m not even doing work anymore. I have my browser set to blogger and Google Books. I’m reading excerpts from Wasted. Anything is better than what my life is at right now. I just want to detach myself from life and just meld into another world. I wish I had the X-box hooked up right now. I’d just immerse myself into the world of video games and never come back. I’d live vicariously through whatever character was on the screen at that time. But that’s not reality; it’s not acceptable to live like that.

Maybe I just need to go out and get really drunk. I haven’t had a good drunk in a long time. But Drunk TK = binge eating. No matter what’s available I always eat. Heck at my bachelorette party I ate probably half a pound of boiled beets. Thankfully there was no butter or salt or sugar on them so they were clean but still I ate so many beets that my pee was pink for days afterwards.

Anyways, 4 hours until the day ends and 4 hours until this job ends.

Friday, October 8, 2010



So I didn't have a doughnut or the thanksgiving buffet but I did have some crackers and hummus. The 8 diet pills and the 5 cups of coffee were eating away at my stomach.

So that was probably 300 cals. Great thing is though D is working late and I'm home alone! Woo! I'm going to do a yoga video and have water all night while I unpack! Yay!

I'm at starbucks right now waiting for my 6th coffee (I'm a glutton for punishment I know) and this fat chick just ordered a venti double sweet double whip salted caramel hot chocolate. I almost puked in my mouth. Ew gross. I'm glad I'm not that much of a fattie. I think I might try something out tonight. Remember how yesterday I said my measurements were down but weight was up? Well as I unpack I'm going to try on clothes I haven't worn in years and see how they fit. Same goes with my fat clothes. I'm going to mark my progress. Maybe post some photos too.

Until then think thin lovelies!
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Thinking I need to hold myself more accountable

Well yesterday was a bit more of a success. I had roughly 800 cals yesterday. D cooked dinner while I was at work and we split a rib steak (he had cooked one for each of us but I made him pack up the other steak). I ate half of my potatoes and salad. The bulk of my calories was dinner and my morning muffin. I had no juice only water and coffee for the rest of the day.

Today is liquids all day. No meals. It is now just before 10 am and I haven’t had a bite to eat yet. Just my morning coffee and I’m getting ready to have my second cup of the day. I brought tea with me today as well just incase I want something with a bit more flavour. I have also already taken 3 diet pills so far this morning and I will be taking one every 2 hours until I leave work. I am determined not to eat anything at all today.

My mother-in-law is in surgery right now to remove a tumor from her optic nerve so I don’t think I will be able to make it to the gym this evening. She will be in recovery or even home as the hospital has deemed the surgery “day surgery.” D wants to see her once she’s recovered from the anesthesia so I may be even leaving work early (which is a big bonus! Starting my long weekend early!). I’ll be able to skip dinner though  I can easily turn down hospital food  yay! I am nervous about this afternoon though. I have a meeting to go to and my department has ordered doughnuts and coffee and various other snacks. I hope I will be able to resist the temptation of the sweet sticky confectionaries that will be laid out for everyone. I know I can just have the coffee but the cups are so tiny that it’s awkward to get up constantly to refill your cup. I might just bring my own coffee or tea into the meeting and sip on that.

My project right now that I’m working on involves photos of products. I am working with a photographer right now to take pictures of samples of product. Unfortunately all of the products are food. The clothes and house-wares are all images so my desk is covered in food stuffs. I got rid of a whole bunch yesterday but now I have juice boxes and tortellini sitting right beside me on my desk. I’m trying to chug back water so I will fill my stomach and not think about all the food that’s around me. I don’t know why my mind is so focused on food today. I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m calculating over and over and over again calories in everything I see. The test kitchen is baking right now and it smells like cookies in my department. It’s driving me crazy.

I can’t wait for tomorrow to immerse myself in unpacking and setting up my house and just not think about eating at all! I plan on sleeping in, and then going to the gym (sans breakfast only coffee and pills) then come home and move boxes build a bed and mount curtains. Then I’m going to put away all my clothes and go out and run errands and make sure we have everything we need to clean the house.

I had my health check for my life insurance yesterday and they took my height and weight and measurements. I wasn’t too impressed. I had to be weighed fully clothed (I never stand on a scale with anything on my body) and after I had drank about 3 litres of water for my urine sample (sorry for the TMI). I was up at 144 and my waist measurement was taken OVER my clothes which as horrendous! I felt so fat! D is so skinny I’m super jealous of him. He’s 5’9 and only 159 lbs. that’s 15 lbs heavier than me! I was 159 just before I started this blog! I weighed jus as much as my husband and more at one point too!

So I went to the cafeteria to get a cup of coffee and today’s “menu” is a Thanksgiving buffet. Note to self: do not leave desk between 11:30 and 2:00 with anything more than $1 in your pocket. Buffet = extreme diet danger. It’s bad enough I will be immersed into gluttony on Monday the last thing I need is work waving the exact same type of meal in my face (with WAY more calories since they’re cooking for more people…more butter, more cream, more fat, more oil, more sugar all to preserve and make everything perfectly brown and shiny and “appealing” to eat. No thank you, I will skip going anywhere near the cafeteria in the next little bit.

I have my water and my coffee. No one can get between me and skinny. I need to be back in the 130s. I hate myself for jumping back up after my success. I think posting that I reached my goal of 137 jinxed me and my weight was like F*** You! *Sigh* Oh well…I will drop this. I feel that this yo-yo-ing is just like a bitch slap to the face and makes me feel like a huge failure and I can’t even control my own body. Everything is changing except the one thing I really want to change.

Does anyone else ever feel this way?

So this is my second long post in a row…I guess this is what happens when I don’t blog for a while, I just start writing and I can’t stop. I’m doing this in a Word document right now at work and every time something pops into my head I have to write it down.

I need to hold myself more accountable for my actions. I can’t have these bounces back and forth anymore. Anyone have any ideas how I can be more disciplined? I need to eat less especially around D. He’s the worst to hide stuff from he’s starting to ask a lot of questions. Help?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I haven't disappeared!

Well hello everyone. I have missed you all. This has been one whirlwind of a week.

I’m officially moved into my new house now (I wont have pictures until all my furniture is delivered and set up. We bought all our main pieces of furniture from this awesome store called EQ3. It’s a Canadian store that does “custom” condo furniture. Basically you pick the piece of furniture (the basic structure) and then you can pick your upholstery. They have somewhere around 50 different colours and textures to choose from. Then they make your furniture to order. So you basically get custom furniture for a relatively decent price. We got really lucky for ourselves because we were invited to one of their VIP events where everything was 20% off. So we furnished our dining/living room, basement and bedroom. I’ve put links to the pieces we got you can see them (here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here).

We’re still in the process of unpacking everything and finding a place for all of our stuff. D and I realized that we’re book addicts. We have 12 boxes of just books. 12!!!!

On other news, I’m being “demoted” from my job here in the office. It was a shock to me back on Friday but after talking to D about it, it’s definitely going to make me happier. I’m not getting fired I’m just being put back to the warehouse 1) because supposedly I’m “not mature enough” for a salary position according to my boss 2) I have better customer relation skills and I will thrive in that environment better than here 3) I have more opportunities for growth within the company. My boss may seem a bit like a dick but really it’s all about business to him and putting his employees where they will do their best. Plus I have been missing the hustle and bustle of a warehouse and the constant movement. Well I’ll put it out there exactly who I work for since all this “warehouse” stuff could be confusing. I work for Costco. In the office I do marketing pieces for the entire country and I even did the pieces for a warehouse opening in August and in the warehouse I will probably be a cashier or a membership clerk. The great thing is that with my accumulated hours, I will only be taking a small pay cut and I will be a year and a half from top pay (as a full time employee you get a raise every 6 months) but I have all the qualifications to be a supervisor in about 6 months once I get back on my feet so that would put me at the same rate of pay I am at now.

Anyways, all things Costco aside, this change will now let me look for a job that is a bit more suited to my education and goals. Having one weekday off every week will make interviews a bit easier to get to without having to take time off work. I can switch a shift without anyone getting suspicious. So I’ll be applying to jobs for the next little while and I hope that someone will have an interest in my skills and call me for an interview. We’ll see.

So, on my progress. The last time I posted I was down in the highish 130s. I guess with all the stress and my period I’m back up to 140. (My parents’ scale could also be reading wrong since it’s a dial scale). I bought a new scale 2 days ago and it’s actually a really good one. It’s by Taylor and it has a body analyzer and shows you your BMI and body fat %. My weight might be up but my measurements are down since before the wedding. So that’s good! My stomach is actually flat-ish! I’ve overcome bloating and now just have to work on numbers.

Today I have had 3 diet pills and currently drinking my coffee. I have had half a muffin because D bought me one and I nibbled on it on the way to work. I don’t plan on eating lunch and if I do it will only be 1 or 2 pickled beets (15 cals each) or a pickle (7 cals). I will pick at dinner and just have coffee and juice (only to bring up my blood sugar if needed) until then. I am starting tomorrow (finally) at the gym. I work across the street from one, and I live around the corner from another. So I have absolutely no excuse not to go. I plan on going Saturday and Sunday morning so I can get a good head start and fend off the horror of Thanksgiving dinner on Monday. Monday’s menu includes:

Cured meats
Stuffing (bread, sausage, apples, onions, celery and spices)
Brussel sprouts

And for dessert, my mom is also making Tiramisu. All I can say is that it will be a very heavily calorie laden day. I don’t plan on eating anything until I get to my parents’ and I am going to try to avoid eating before dinner is served. It will be a scary day. I know most of the stuff isn’t “horrible” food but cover everything in grease, butter, sugar, oil and the such and it becomes very unsafe.

So here’s to new beginnings and to really starting fresh. Job front may suck for a bit but because I’ll be constantly moving and lifting and walking I’ll shed weight quickly and reach my goals faster. Not sitting at a desk will be fantastic!

I am going to try to post and comment more often, just it’s been hard with D around a lot but once my computer is set up I will be able to comment and post a little more freely and keep you lovelies updated constantly.