Friday, October 29, 2010



I feel so gross today, I am on the tipping point of my period. My weight has gone up but it is only water and it will definitely be lower in a couple of days.

Today I was decently good. I had a small brocolli salad today. I ate around the bacon and only had half the dressing. I calculated approximately 400 cals for both my breakfast and lunch together. I did go out for dinner with D but for the first time in a LONG time I left food on my plate. We didn't order a starter OR dessert. I had lamb with brocolli (can you tell I'm coming to my time of month. I know it's a weird craving but it could be worse!) and mashed potatoes. I didn't eat my potatoes and ate half the brocolli and half the lamb. I'm going to just guess and say 800 since the restaurant doesn't post their calorie content. So for a date day 1200 cals.

So with my cals burned for the day:

Standing 7 hrs = 529 cals
Walking 1 hr = 277 cals

Total cals burned = 806 cals

so I have just under 400 cals left over for the day. Unfortunately I wont be able to burn those off before I go to sleep. Tomorrow will be a better day. But today wasn't bad.

Tomorrow I will stick to tea all day. I plan on buying a tumbler for my coffee and tea and keep it at the counter with me all  day and just constantly fill it up with tea and coffee. I'm thinking of buying a continigo (sp?) this awesome thermos mug that has a button to open the sippy part and you have to keep holding it down or it seals up again. This stops it from spilling if it gets knocked over. I've only heard great things about these mugs! I can't wait to get one!! yay!

When my period ends next week I will be taking new measurements and I will have settled into my routine  and starting the gym for good again. I will also be going to yoga once a week on Sundays.

I know I can do this because I have done so well over the last 8 months. It's been a slow process but I've made so much progress. 20 lbs. I know a lot of you girls have been more successfull with how quickly you've lost but I have found that I just gain it back harder when I lose it faster. I've been trying to loose quickly but not more than what will be permanent for myself.

My week has pretty much consisted of small snack items during my day at work. no more than 250 cals and then a small dinner. I haven't been going past 500. I'm going to start looking into the quality of food I've been eating to see if that's been stunting my loss.

I know my posts have not been the best lately and I want to appologize and I really will make sure things will get better again.

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