Monday, October 25, 2010

building a home

is a lot of work. I have spent my entire morning shopping for vacuum cleaners. Trying to find the best vacuums for the best prices. I have to say, I`m actually kind of excited to buy my first vacuum!!

So weight wise I`m still hovering around 141. I was up as high as 144 this week but it wasn`t long lasting at all. I just have to make sure our cooking isn`t filled with oil and butter. I`ve also been kicking it up on the water.

Today I had 1/2 cup of seaweed salad. With the dressing, I'm estimating around 200 cals. I have to say it's better than the McDonald's I was craving. All I wanted was something savoury so it did the trick. I think 200 is WAY better than 1000 in one sitting. I also had a coffee with some skim milk in it too today (20 cals) so I think I'm on the right track for the day.

For dinner tonight I plan on making D a portabello mushroom burger and I will just have the mushroom cooked with some veggies no bun or sauce or cheese.

I am beginning to get back into a routine and shortly I will be starting to clean the house from top to bottom. this includes: sweeping, mopping, folding, dusting, moving, breaking down boxes etc...I plan on getting this house spotless and all boxes broken down and organized in the garage! I hope this will help me burn some calories. says I should burn roughly the following calories with the activities i will be doing today.

Activity Calories burned

Putting away Groceries 56
Mopping 72
Cooking 113
Shopping 228
Sitting / resting 271
Housework 558

Total Calories Burned 1,298

I think that's a good amount for the day. That means so fart i have a calorie deficit of -1000. yay!

I plan on having only 200 more calories today to make a maximum of 400. Well I'm off to start the cleaning and I still have tons to do before I leave in 3 hours to pick D up from work.
Sorry I haven't been posting frequently!! Just been busy making my house a home!!

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