Friday, October 8, 2010



So I didn't have a doughnut or the thanksgiving buffet but I did have some crackers and hummus. The 8 diet pills and the 5 cups of coffee were eating away at my stomach.

So that was probably 300 cals. Great thing is though D is working late and I'm home alone! Woo! I'm going to do a yoga video and have water all night while I unpack! Yay!

I'm at starbucks right now waiting for my 6th coffee (I'm a glutton for punishment I know) and this fat chick just ordered a venti double sweet double whip salted caramel hot chocolate. I almost puked in my mouth. Ew gross. I'm glad I'm not that much of a fattie. I think I might try something out tonight. Remember how yesterday I said my measurements were down but weight was up? Well as I unpack I'm going to try on clothes I haven't worn in years and see how they fit. Same goes with my fat clothes. I'm going to mark my progress. Maybe post some photos too.

Until then think thin lovelies!
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