Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So it’s official.

I have my options of positions to step down to. Now it’s just a case of picking. I have the choice of A scale cashier or B scale clerk. The A scale position is a higher pay but with having to bus across town (2-3 hours depending on traffic and transfers) will cost me more than the difference between A and B scale. So it’s pretty much safe to assume that I will be taking the closer B scale position.

I’ll be able to wear a bit nice clothes too because I wont be dealing with dirty registers and carts and I will have less of a chance of food spilling on me and less chances for wear. However, I will have to buy better shoes and some boots to walk in the snow in the coming months.

Wish me luck everyone in looking for a new job and moving up the ranks in my new position really quickly.

I’ve had 300 cals today and since D is cooking back at home who knows how many I’ll be expected to eat tonight. I am not, however, going to gorge on sweets and treats while I laze about the house this evening.

Now I just need to find a bauble or band for my finger while I’m at work so I don’t lose my ring. Mind you, I won’t be on cash so chances are I won’t lose my wedding ring by getting it bumped off by packing groceries. I would just have to put it away if I DID go on cash. I’m trying to save money in any way possible….

This weekend’s outing out to the clubs will be really nice and I’ll be celebrating leaving this oppressive office and working in a fun environment again! Yay!

Want to know what’s great about an empty wallet?? NO TRIPS TO THE VENDING MACHINE! Woo!

Anyways I think I’m going to TRY to work for my last few days…but if it ACTUALLY happens I’ll be quite surprised…


  1. i hope you do move up fast and make more money soon. You found the upside. sometimes that's all you can do.

  2. Good luck looking for a new job! and all the best with whatever you choose- I hope you move up super quick! xxx