Thursday, September 30, 2010


So, THIS was my plan for consumption today. Let's just say this didn't happen. 1 fajita and a salad later I feel like a pig...I'm skipping dinner. I've decided to "be sick" tonight.

I can't wait to get into my house. D and I haven't had 'any' since the honeymoon. We're at out wits end.
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So I'm a Dolt...

I have been reading my dial scale totally wrong...not sure how I managed this...but I'm not in the 140s I've actually broken 135 and I was at 134 yesterday...I'm back up to 137 today because of some bloating and indegestion from last night (Mom's birthday dinner more about that further down). I think maybe these blonde highlights might need to go! lol

Last night we went out for my mom's 50th birithday. We went to an Italian place and really the only option was pasta. So I suffered the worst indegestion and bloating last night. It's starting to go down but I looked pregnant this morning! I couldn't believe it and I couldn't do my jeans up!

So my weight is on the right track and I have my friend T planning out a workout program for me for the next 3 months. She's the one who's doing the fitness competition (the heath nut). So I should see a lot of progress in the next bit. 120 here I come! hopefully I'll get down to a size 2 or 4 by then (Canadian/American sizes)!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Ugh I'm so sick I feel like I have the Plague!

This is the worst first day back at work ever! :p 2 hours until I can escape and see the doctor for some drugs to kill this bug. I've just been having tea and water today along with dayquil. I did have some spinach, beets and tomatoes for lunch to get some vitamins to help kick it but i'm going to need the good stuff from the doctor to get rid of this. I think it's moved from my head to my chest and is turning into bronchitis. great thing to have when you have to go sign a whole bunch of paperwork and contracts early the next morning eh?

oh well just thought I would update you lovelies on my goings on. being sick is helping me stick to my plan. haven't broken 150 cals yet so this is a good thing. oh and all my jeans are hanging off of me yay!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Back to Reality: Confessions, updates, plans and photos

Hello all my lovelies!

I am back from my wedding and and honeymoon! I am now officially a Mrs.!

So everything was great for the wedding. I was thin svelte and I looked fantastic in my dress! The day was beautiful and I barely ate a thing! I had a couple veggies during the day, and then a bite from each course during the evening. I think all in all I probably consumed 600 calories that day (the cake had butter creme icing and was very very dense and I did have a few glasses of wine and some drinks).
So the day was fantastic in itself and it really was one of the happiest days of my life!
The day after we left for Paris on our honeymoon and those 10 days were absolutely stunning! We would wake up every day at about 10 and leisurely get ready to leave for about noon. Then we would walk around for the next 6 hours (stopping for a lunch at about 2ish) and then come back get ready for dinner then head out for 8pm reservations. Now here's the confession part. I totally just threw everything out of the window during the past 10 days. I'm back up to 140 because of it. Since we were eating out every day I ate a lot of food and a lot of not the greatest for you food. It was all amazing to taste though. We splurged on a few restaurants but we also found this great website click here that you make your reservations through and the restaurants will occasionally do special offers like blind tasting menus with wine pairings (le 6 new york) or 30%-50% off the bill (Mood or Anthracite). So if any of you happen to go to Paris and if you do end up eating check out the first link for ways to save money on 4-5 star restaurants. I also ate a lot of bread cheese and cured meats. I do know that those will never be the same for me back here in Canada. So better avoid them than be constantly disappointed in things not tasting as good.

We did the whole tour thing of Paris. We saw the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Luxembourg Palace, the Panthéon, the Arc de Triomphe, Versailles, the Grand and Petit Trianon and Marie Antoinette's Hamelt and estates. It was absolutely stunning!

Did you know that walking at a moderate pace for 8 hours a day burns up to 2000 calories? So I think I managed to keep the worst of the food off but I'm not where I should be. I think another reason why I gained is that I did not have a BM for the 10 days I was there. The day after I came back I started flushing myself out. Did a laxie tea and I'm back on my diet pills so things are bit more regular. Let's see how I fare once I really get back into my routine.

So after all the sight seeing D and I did what everyone should do in Paris...SHOP! lol I only left Paris with one thing. A gorgeous blue purse from Marc by Marc Jacobs. I decided to take all my shopping money and just buy one really special thing rather than a whole bunch of little things I could have bought back here in Canada.

I absolutely LOVE it!!! I have been obsessed with purses lately. I just can't get enough of them. I go on benders of either purses or shoes. They're my weakness!

So the plan for me today is liquids only (until dinner my dad is getting back from a business trip) and then one meal every day starting monday. Things will definitely get a lot easier once I get into my new place. Hiding not eating will be easier too. I have to redevelop my routine after being kicked out of it for so long. 

So I get my house on Tuesday next week! I'm super excited! I can't wait! The last few days have been full of meetings with the bank and the lawyers and furniture stores and drawing up budgets and transferring funds from account to account for the bank etc...and today I get to go negotiate insurance premiums!! Woo! :p

Speaking of which I should get dressed and go do that! lol


Thursday, September 9, 2010


Hello my lovelies!

I'm sorry I've been so extremely M.I.A this last little bit!!! Wedding prep and such. I can't believe I have only 2 more days to go! Everything is pretty much ready and set that it's just pampering time from here on in!

Today I went and got my underarms waxed for the first time EVER! Can I just say OW? I wasn't able to put my arms at my sides for hours it stung so much! I also got my nails done. I had them Shelaked (sp?)!! They look awesome! I also had my eyebrows done so I'm all set for the weekend! Tomorrow I have my detoxifying body wrap and then the last minute errands. After all the running around my besties are arriving in town and my cousins and we're off to the rehearsal and rehearsal party after that! Such busy days I can't keep up! lol

The only good thing about these busy days is that I'm forgetting to put something in my stomach. Seriously forgetting. I had a couple bites of a biscuit my mom baked fresh this morning and then I had only water until dinner tonight and i had 2 beets a mouthful of salad and a bite of steak. Even that little was hard to put down, but my dad is obsessing that I eat enough over the next few days so I don't pass out at the ceremony. I'm not minding this not really feeling the need to eat. My dress fits great and I couldn't really ask for more. Everyone is commenting on how great I look and with the wrap tomorrow it's supposed to slim me up even more! Can't wait!

I bought a new shirt yesterday from Aritiza. It's for my "Escaping" outift when I head off to the airport. It's slouchy with a hole in the back. very comfy looking and will look adorable with my new brown boots! yay!

So everything is all set for my house at the end of the month! The bank is settled and everything is saved up! OMG! My grandparents gave me my wedding present tonight and they gave me money towards my down-payment. Not a loan but a gift! It was $10K! I was like WTF? I don't deserve this at all! I have the money for the house and this is just THAT much more! I cried like a little baby. I was so grateful for the help. I am seriously blessed by the greatest grandparents ever. I didn't need it but it was their way of blessing my marriage and helping me start my new life without being in debt. I am still on a high from this. I don't even know what to write in their Thank You card when I get back from my honeymoon!

I can't wait to post pictures for you all when I get back! I really hope my day goes off without any problems and I'm super excited for Paris! I just hope I lose more with all the walking I'll be doing around the city plus other calorie burning activities *wink wink*! I don't want to come back with extra weight other than the stuff I jam pack into my suitcases from all the shopping I'll be doing! lol

Stay lovely my lovelies~! I'll try to post again tomorrow before the day is through to let you know how my wrap went!

Friday, September 3, 2010



so here's an awesome post of some thinspo for you ladies! Check this out the only thing that kind of saddened me is that this is what guys love. The post is called "the definition of awesome." Enough said. Oh well more reason to strive towards "awesome"

So everything is booked at the spa but I missed out on the Hydrotherapy tub treatment, oh well I still have until the end of the year to use it. I have 3.5 hours left of work and I'm SUPER excited!!!

Oh so did you know that yesterday was 90210? (September 2, 2010). Kind of funny (for all you non-North Americans or people too youn to know this 90210 was a TV show back in the 90s and now they did a "continuation" in the last year. Kind of copied Degrassi if I would say so myself but ya.) That definitely made me laugh :)

So today all I've had has been coffee and water and 2 doses of my diet pills. I'm super hyper and I can't concentrate on any one thing for too long. I need to get out of here ASAP. I am almost done packing up the apartment and I will be moving all the boxes tomorrow evening. I hope the lack of extreme humidity when I get to my parent's place clears my skin up quickly so I can survive the next week without looking like a pizza.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

So I've decided to go get a facial done early next week to combat this skin. Unfortunately I had to ask my mom to pay because money is so tight. I felt really bad for asking, but this is what I'm getting:

medicated clearing facial

This face treatment helps repair and heal problem and congested skin to reduce unwanted shine, refine the pores, treat skin breakouts and restore skin balance. Deep cleansing followed by extractions and completed with medicated serums draw out skin impurities. $95 / 60 min

I'm planning on also doing a slimming body wrap:

monticelli fango wrap

A reducing and purifying treatment based on the use of soft, creamy mud and Italian thermal waters. This wrap is slimming and detoxifying. $100 / 60 mins

I also get a free hydrotherapy tub treatment which will be really cool too!! I'm booking all this for tuesday so I can't wait to try it all out!! yay!!

So I'll be able to have a clear face this weekend. We've paid our next installment on the photographer and we pay the final bit when he posts the photos for our viewing. I still have to sort out what we are going to print for the wedding at the guest table.

Today so far all I've had has been coffee and 1/2 an egg white. We had a department breakfast so I kinda munched on that. But It's just been water other wise. I'm due for my next dose of my diet pills so that will really negate the egg.

So packing starts tonight. We have our boxes and the packing tape and a spot in the living room to put the boxes until we're ready to move it back to my parent's house. Things are finally starting to smooth out and next week basically consists of visiting and pampering :) yay!

I'll post later since my lunch hour is over and I want to grab a coffee before it's too late!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

2 days left of work!

Woo so excited!

So this new stats feature is really cool. I didn't realize that my blog has been viewed so many times! I didn't think I generated this much traffic. I do wish, however, more of those people followed :( oh well! beggars can't be choosers! I just like the traffic flow! woo!

So I'm getting married in 10 days! I can't believe it! It's actually happening!

I have to say my eating hasn't been 100% great these last few days. I've just been in too good of a place to really care how much but i've definitely been eating right. I haven't gone over 1000 cals but it's definitely been more than what i wanted. Tomorrow and Friday I plan on only consuming liquids during the day and have some veggies for dinner before i start packing up the apartment.

I have my makeup trial on Saturday but I need to see if I can fit in a facial at some point. I'm not sure why but my skin has errupted like crazy this past week. I haven't had skin like this since high school! I don't want these zits the day of the wedding! omg! anyone have any ideas on what i should do to try to clear up my skin?

I've been maintaing this week at about 138/9 so i'm pretty happy. I need to book spa days to prep for the wedding. I have to do the whole waxing, and body treatment stuff. on top of that i have to pay the photographer and finalize the songs with the DJ.

I can't wait to get out of this apartment. I know I'll be living with my parents again for about 10 days or so but so worth it with the end result being my own house!!!!

Even with all the stuff that's going on I just don't feel that I have much to write about and I'm sorry. I just wanted to update everyone on where I have been. Sorry for the disjointed post. So tomorrow mostly liquids and some veggies and same for friday. Saturday is again on my own and easy to not eat and same with Sunday. My parents are at a wedding all weekend and dave has his bachelor party. liquids liquids and liquids!! yay!

I'll post a picture of my hair and makeup on Saturday. I'll do a phone post!

I'll write tomorrow. If anyone has any skin tips I'd love the help!!!