Friday, September 3, 2010



so here's an awesome post of some thinspo for you ladies! Check this out the only thing that kind of saddened me is that this is what guys love. The post is called "the definition of awesome." Enough said. Oh well more reason to strive towards "awesome"

So everything is booked at the spa but I missed out on the Hydrotherapy tub treatment, oh well I still have until the end of the year to use it. I have 3.5 hours left of work and I'm SUPER excited!!!

Oh so did you know that yesterday was 90210? (September 2, 2010). Kind of funny (for all you non-North Americans or people too youn to know this 90210 was a TV show back in the 90s and now they did a "continuation" in the last year. Kind of copied Degrassi if I would say so myself but ya.) That definitely made me laugh :)

So today all I've had has been coffee and water and 2 doses of my diet pills. I'm super hyper and I can't concentrate on any one thing for too long. I need to get out of here ASAP. I am almost done packing up the apartment and I will be moving all the boxes tomorrow evening. I hope the lack of extreme humidity when I get to my parent's place clears my skin up quickly so I can survive the next week without looking like a pizza.


  1. HAHAHA! It made me laugh to think how SUPER hyper you must of been on diet pills X 2 and coffee!! You must of been bouncing off the walls chicky!!!

  2. I need to find some pills to help me be super hyper from time to time, lol. Hope you have a relaxing time at the spa, it sounds wonderful!