Thursday, September 2, 2010

So I've decided to go get a facial done early next week to combat this skin. Unfortunately I had to ask my mom to pay because money is so tight. I felt really bad for asking, but this is what I'm getting:

medicated clearing facial

This face treatment helps repair and heal problem and congested skin to reduce unwanted shine, refine the pores, treat skin breakouts and restore skin balance. Deep cleansing followed by extractions and completed with medicated serums draw out skin impurities. $95 / 60 min

I'm planning on also doing a slimming body wrap:

monticelli fango wrap

A reducing and purifying treatment based on the use of soft, creamy mud and Italian thermal waters. This wrap is slimming and detoxifying. $100 / 60 mins

I also get a free hydrotherapy tub treatment which will be really cool too!! I'm booking all this for tuesday so I can't wait to try it all out!! yay!!

So I'll be able to have a clear face this weekend. We've paid our next installment on the photographer and we pay the final bit when he posts the photos for our viewing. I still have to sort out what we are going to print for the wedding at the guest table.

Today so far all I've had has been coffee and 1/2 an egg white. We had a department breakfast so I kinda munched on that. But It's just been water other wise. I'm due for my next dose of my diet pills so that will really negate the egg.

So packing starts tonight. We have our boxes and the packing tape and a spot in the living room to put the boxes until we're ready to move it back to my parent's house. Things are finally starting to smooth out and next week basically consists of visiting and pampering :) yay!

I'll post later since my lunch hour is over and I want to grab a coffee before it's too late!!

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