Wednesday, January 23, 2013

So I finally got my bottles of OxyElite on Monday! I have to say I hate courier companies. They don't tell you anywhere that they will be charging duty and taxes when they deliver. You only find out when the guy shows up. They don't take cash, only credit cards and cheques. I don't have cheques so I had to wait until after I got paid to put enough money on my Visa so I could pay the damned $50. UGH!

ANYWAYS. So I'm on day 3 of taking them (went straight to 1 pill in the morning and 1 after lunch) and I've lost 2lbs in water weight. I know it's' only water weight but it feels SOOOOOOOO GOOD! Only because I don't feel like a giant ball of bloatedness, and my clothes fit a little better now. I start at the gym on Thursday, it's only an intro session, but I will officially be signed up for classes for the next 10 weeks. I will be VERY sore for a while lovelies. But the results will be soooo worth it!

Here's to seeing low 120s (or lower!) by summer!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

missed a day - this never posted...

So I didn't eat anything else Sunday night (woo me!)

Yesterday I had:

Coffee with some milk - 15 cals

1 cup lettuce - 8 cals
1 tomato slice - 6 cals
3 slices of cucumber - 3 cals
1tbs calorie wise Kraft Italian dressing - 5 cals
6 honey garlic meatballs - 131 cals

Pita Wrap - 559 cals
Raisin Bran (2 servings) - 360 cals

TOTAL: 1087

I didn't do as well as I wanted to. D picked up dinner on the way to pick me up from work so I didn't have a say and I was starving but then I overdid it on the cereal. I would have been under 800 otherwise.


Coffee and milk - 15 cals

2 cups lettuce - 16 cals
3 tomato slices - 18 cals
5 cucumber slices - 5 cals
1/4 cup broccoli - 14 cals
Calorie Wise Balsamic - 25 cals
1.75 hard boiled egg - 136 cals

TOTAL so far: 571 cals

Tonight for dinner it's D's work Christmas Party. It's at an Italian restaurant and it's a set menu so I know I will be WAY over tonight. Not much I can do. I'm just going to pick the most veggie dense foods I can get and have no drinks. Only water for me tonight.

Miranda: my e-mail is I have to say I'm pretty excited.

Seeking Something Else: I will definitely give Mint another look over for the Canadian Content and I am eager to look over that other link you sent me! Thanks for looking into that for me :)

I want to welcome back Kat Not Jas from her year long hiatus!!

Well I have to get back to work for the last half hour of my day. Enough Slacking TK! Wish me luck with dinner everyone!

Sorry for not posting for a while.

I managed to get past the 138s and into the 137s and then I got sick. I didn't eat for a day and was puking my guts out. So the next day I was back to 136, but I was FAMISHED. I did nothing but eat. Unfortunately, we were low on groceries (ie fruits and veg.) so I just binged on carbs. The awfulness just spilled over onto the weekend. I didn't get to the gym at all because I was either fighting off an insane headache or this constant upset stomach. Yesterday I managed to just have smoothies and frozen fruit and then a 3 oz piece of steak and half a sweet potato for dinner. I was almost at 140 on the weekend and now I'm back in the 138s.

Do over.

I have my meals set for until Thursday, where I'm going to be doing a complete overhaul on everything. Tonight will be the other half of the steak with some salad while lunch will be either soup or veggies. Tomorrow, leftover lasagna (very small portion). Wednesday, probably pasta. Lunches all week, soup or salad.

My OxyElite is going to arrive either today or tomorrow. I have been stalking UPS since it shipped tracking where the package is. I got confirmation that it's cleared (ie it's allowed over the border) and it is on its way to being delivered. Last location was the other side of the city. I'm super pumped that I'm going to be getting my 2 bottles in the next 36 hours! woo!

So, I've signed up with my co-workers to do the Spartan Run this summer. I'm actually excited. It's a 5k run/obstacle course. I now have a goal to work towards and help motivate me to do this run. I have already paid my registration fees so I'm locked in and there's no going back. I was tempted to do the 5k run for the race weekend in May, but I don't want to injure something before the Spartan Run in June so one big event only this year. Maybe next year I'll do both. If my running is up to speed I'll also probably join the school Running Club in the fall. Anything to keep me active no matter what. I wish I could just buy out my gym contract and sign up with the community rec centre (a lot cheaper and I can pay upfront rather than automatic withdrawls from my account).

This weekend D is finally taking me out to buy the last gift of my Christmas Present! I'm getting a pair of shoes/boots! I need some bad. I donated a bunch I just don't wear anymore. Bill wise, I'm starting to finally get on top of them and I'm going to start attacking my credit cards. I'm going to work on my Amex first since it's only $500 and then cancel it. I'm not sure what to work on next though. Should I work on my Visa or my Line of Credit? Both are huge and maxed out. The interest payments come directly out of my account for my line of credit each month so that's not something I have to focus on specifically, but my Visa I have to make my minimums which are $100. I do know that I will have to cut my Visa up so I just don't use it at all. I always get tempted to use it when there's space on it, ruining all the work I did.

Miranda: my e-mail is

Well, I should get back to work.

Oh yeah...this supposedly exists. Disgusting

Sunday, January 6, 2013

So yesterday I had a smoothie 319 cals, broccoli and cauliflower in a light cheese sauce 120 cals and then I went out for dinner with girl friend to a new Italian Place. It was 606 cals but it could have been better if I had done some form or activity yesterday.

Today I had poached eggs with toast and some bacon 521 cals, a latte and a croissant 426 cals while out for coffee with another friend and an orange 80 cals. After my workout I am still left with 111 cals if I NEED to eat anything later tonight but I doubt I will. Tea should  just do me fine. I burned 338 cals today doing some calisthenics and the P90X Yoga X DVD. I only got 20 mins into the DVD because my elbow kept twinge-ing on me. Something wasn't right and if I kept doing the Vinyasa I would have really injured myself. I'm going to borrow my mom's 5lb weights and do some strengthening exercises for my biceps and shoulders. I think it was because I was over compensating on my arms because of my tendon injury a few years ago. I'm still nervous to do any kind of movement that involves a pushup. Also, the video cemented the fact that I really dislike Hatha Yoga and I really miss my Bikram classes I used to take downtown. Who can argue with 1000 cals sweated out during a 90 min period? It also loosens your muscles up so you have less chance of injuring yourself as well.

Work starts up again tomorrow full swing. All the kids are back and I am going to be be EXTREMELY busy. I am going to try to post each day during my lunch to go over my intake. I will include dinner from the previous day and if I came in under my calorie goal or not. I will also update my weight as it moves.

Miranda: I would love to see that spreadsheet. How could I get it off of you? Would you like my e-mail?

Seeking Something Else: Thanks for the site! I think I had tried it once before, but my bank and credit cards aren't supported because I'm in Canada. Canada gets shafted on a lot of great websites that come out of the states be it helpful like this one or online stores. Because of various laws and such we miss out on some really great stuff.

Friday, January 4, 2013

I will be logging my food on MFP and I'll post photos on here to keep myself accountable. If I can't show it I don't eat it.

Smoothie for breakfast
Rice milk
Protein powder
Frozen berries
1/2 banana

Hard boiled egg
Red pepper
4 Breton crackers


Took my sister out to buy her birthday present. We were toying with the idea of eating at the pub at the mall but we thought better and are just going home. Now just to figure what or if I'm eating dinner tonight. If I eat it will be another shake or a sweet potato with a little butter.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Who's been a bad little blogger??

This girl.

I am so sorry lovelies for falling of the face of the Earth. I really don't have any good reason to have neglected my blog for this long, other than just not doing it. I thought about posting, but then I would think about how I really didn't have much to say.

I hope you all had great holidays celebrating whatever you celebrate!

Christmas was good to me. Maybe even a little too good. I've gained 7lbs over the holidays from just not watching what I was eating and making really poor choices. I've developed some bad habits because of this last month or so. Ordered a lot of fast food and cooked very little. Binged on chocolate and candy and got addicted to carbs again. I have my work cut out for me to kick these addictions again. My MFP has suffered because of how ashamed I am to post the things I was eating.

Anyways enough of the bad stuff...on to the good stuff!

So, before school finished, we had our annual Christmas Concert and Craft Sale. The kids make baked good and make gift baskets to be raffled off. Parents also donate things to be auctioned off in our Silent auction. I came out on top in the Silent Auction! I got a Cherry Amber ring for $65 (retail $100) and won the fitness package that was donated!! Remember a while back I talked about saving up to do this program? Well it's called Lean & Fit and the gym is called Greco. It's a private chain here and he is the go to trainer for the hockey team and his gyms have this great 10 week program to recondition your body. I'm so excited. The program is around $800 all in and I won it for $150!! What a steal right? Well I only got it because I was the only bidder and they lowered the starting bid from $250 to $150. Anyways, in 2 weeks I'll be killing myself 4 times a week doing these Circuit Training classes and maybe some yoga too if I can fit it in. I am also getting ready to cancel my GoodLife membership and join the rec-centre's gym. My sister works there and told me that a 3 month package only costs $75!! And she believes that personal trainer costs their hourly rate with the City! So goodbye $75+ a session to $20 a session! Mind you, that's something to look into later. But I will have a permanent gym buddy with my sister so I'll have more motivation to go after Greco.

I've already bought protein powder for my smoothies and I'm thinking of doing a meal replacement program with them too for the first bit. I'm thinking breakfast and every second dinner will be a shake. Lunch I can't really get out of, but I will be bringing in my own protein (meats) for my salads rather than risking the sauces and other unknown ingredients in the food here. I am also going to order a couple of bottles of OxyElite Pro in the coming weeks. I'm splitting the order with a friend because I found out that shipping is $30 whether I buy 1 bottle or 5 bottles. So to save on shipping I've talked her into buying into the order with me. I know I will be back in the 120s or lower by the end of March!

So that's all that's really new with me right now. Everything else is same old same old. Not much I can do about that though.

I hope everything is great with you all and I wish you luck on your New Year Resolutions! I know you all can do it!

Mine are pretty obvious:
Hit my goal weight
Work on paying off my debt
Put money away for savings
Keep a spotless house
Start decorating the house

If any of you ladies know of any apps or programs that help with managing finances please pass them on my way! D and I are already thinking about cancelling our cable since we're doing a lot of downloading as it is already. And that will help with not lumping in front of the TV every night and will want to make me get out and do more things!