Monday, January 14, 2013

Sorry for not posting for a while.

I managed to get past the 138s and into the 137s and then I got sick. I didn't eat for a day and was puking my guts out. So the next day I was back to 136, but I was FAMISHED. I did nothing but eat. Unfortunately, we were low on groceries (ie fruits and veg.) so I just binged on carbs. The awfulness just spilled over onto the weekend. I didn't get to the gym at all because I was either fighting off an insane headache or this constant upset stomach. Yesterday I managed to just have smoothies and frozen fruit and then a 3 oz piece of steak and half a sweet potato for dinner. I was almost at 140 on the weekend and now I'm back in the 138s.

Do over.

I have my meals set for until Thursday, where I'm going to be doing a complete overhaul on everything. Tonight will be the other half of the steak with some salad while lunch will be either soup or veggies. Tomorrow, leftover lasagna (very small portion). Wednesday, probably pasta. Lunches all week, soup or salad.

My OxyElite is going to arrive either today or tomorrow. I have been stalking UPS since it shipped tracking where the package is. I got confirmation that it's cleared (ie it's allowed over the border) and it is on its way to being delivered. Last location was the other side of the city. I'm super pumped that I'm going to be getting my 2 bottles in the next 36 hours! woo!

So, I've signed up with my co-workers to do the Spartan Run this summer. I'm actually excited. It's a 5k run/obstacle course. I now have a goal to work towards and help motivate me to do this run. I have already paid my registration fees so I'm locked in and there's no going back. I was tempted to do the 5k run for the race weekend in May, but I don't want to injure something before the Spartan Run in June so one big event only this year. Maybe next year I'll do both. If my running is up to speed I'll also probably join the school Running Club in the fall. Anything to keep me active no matter what. I wish I could just buy out my gym contract and sign up with the community rec centre (a lot cheaper and I can pay upfront rather than automatic withdrawls from my account).

This weekend D is finally taking me out to buy the last gift of my Christmas Present! I'm getting a pair of shoes/boots! I need some bad. I donated a bunch I just don't wear anymore. Bill wise, I'm starting to finally get on top of them and I'm going to start attacking my credit cards. I'm going to work on my Amex first since it's only $500 and then cancel it. I'm not sure what to work on next though. Should I work on my Visa or my Line of Credit? Both are huge and maxed out. The interest payments come directly out of my account for my line of credit each month so that's not something I have to focus on specifically, but my Visa I have to make my minimums which are $100. I do know that I will have to cut my Visa up so I just don't use it at all. I always get tempted to use it when there's space on it, ruining all the work I did.

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Well, I should get back to work.

Oh yeah...this supposedly exists. Disgusting

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