Friday, January 4, 2013

I will be logging my food on MFP and I'll post photos on here to keep myself accountable. If I can't show it I don't eat it.

Smoothie for breakfast
Rice milk
Protein powder
Frozen berries
1/2 banana

Hard boiled egg
Red pepper
4 Breton crackers


Took my sister out to buy her birthday present. We were toying with the idea of eating at the pub at the mall but we thought better and are just going home. Now just to figure what or if I'm eating dinner tonight. If I eat it will be another shake or a sweet potato with a little butter.


  1. Oooh.. Add me to MFP if you want :) Ill be using it more starting Monday. My username is Kittz30 (if you do add me - send me a msg letting me know its you)

  2. That smoothie sounds delicious! You've inspired me to make one sometime this week. :)