Sunday, January 6, 2013

So yesterday I had a smoothie 319 cals, broccoli and cauliflower in a light cheese sauce 120 cals and then I went out for dinner with girl friend to a new Italian Place. It was 606 cals but it could have been better if I had done some form or activity yesterday.

Today I had poached eggs with toast and some bacon 521 cals, a latte and a croissant 426 cals while out for coffee with another friend and an orange 80 cals. After my workout I am still left with 111 cals if I NEED to eat anything later tonight but I doubt I will. Tea should  just do me fine. I burned 338 cals today doing some calisthenics and the P90X Yoga X DVD. I only got 20 mins into the DVD because my elbow kept twinge-ing on me. Something wasn't right and if I kept doing the Vinyasa I would have really injured myself. I'm going to borrow my mom's 5lb weights and do some strengthening exercises for my biceps and shoulders. I think it was because I was over compensating on my arms because of my tendon injury a few years ago. I'm still nervous to do any kind of movement that involves a pushup. Also, the video cemented the fact that I really dislike Hatha Yoga and I really miss my Bikram classes I used to take downtown. Who can argue with 1000 cals sweated out during a 90 min period? It also loosens your muscles up so you have less chance of injuring yourself as well.

Work starts up again tomorrow full swing. All the kids are back and I am going to be be EXTREMELY busy. I am going to try to post each day during my lunch to go over my intake. I will include dinner from the previous day and if I came in under my calorie goal or not. I will also update my weight as it moves.

Miranda: I would love to see that spreadsheet. How could I get it off of you? Would you like my e-mail?

Seeking Something Else: Thanks for the site! I think I had tried it once before, but my bank and credit cards aren't supported because I'm in Canada. Canada gets shafted on a lot of great websites that come out of the states be it helpful like this one or online stores. Because of various laws and such we miss out on some really great stuff.


  1. I never knew that Canada didn't all the same sites and apps. I guess with financial institutions it makes a little sense. I did look though, and Mint does have a Canadian site now:

    Also you may like this site It's by a Canadian financial writer. She talks about how she got out of alot of debt.

  2. Nice! Sounds like a good day to me! I'll be lucky if I have any sort of deficit today. :(

    I've always wanted to try Bikram! I do hot Vinasa, but I have friends who do it and love it! Sounds like maybe I should give it a try? :)

  3. I had your e mail before in a comment on my blog but I had deleted it so yeah, you can put it on your blog if that's okay and that way you can delete it whenever you want. It's just a spreadsheet that I made up with all the categories that you need to consider when putting together a budget but I can save a blank copy and e mail it to you.