Wednesday, April 18, 2012

One would think that sitting at computer all day would give me time to blog....

Ya. That's a big N-O.

This job has me crazy busy 24/7. I'm bringing home my work with me almost every night. I'm not complaining. I'm loving every minute of this job. THIS is what what I was meant to do. I've already brought in another 10 potentials for the upcoming year. This is going really well.

I'm no longer the chair of the Marketing Committee that I mentioned in my last post. It's way too much work on top of the work I already had. I am now just a "staff liason" and am just doing tasks that link into what I'm already doing for work. I'm helping organize an event on Friday with the parent committee to raise money for the students (books, supplies, sports equipment etc.) and I'm going crazy with that as well.

This job needs a lot of organization and the person I replaced was definitely NOT organized. Just trying to find something in this office makes me want to rip out my hair. Nothing is in a place that would make sense! And don't get me started on my laptop. Right now, any new files I put on this thing is currently sitting on my desktop because I have nowhere to archive these old files.

I still haven't managed to get myself to the gym at 6 am yet (after I drive D to work). Mostly because I'm not really sleeping at all at night. I get into bed absolutely exhausted and then my mind decides to run at top speed going over work. I just don't get it. I JUST WANT TO SLEEP!! I am still managing to go on the weekends and once or twice during the week.

I've been hovering in 131 and 132 but I'm coming up with a huge problem. D gets home before me now, usually by at least an hour. I get home drained from the day and I ask him what's for dinner and he hasn't thought of anything. Nor has he looked. He just plops in front of the TV after his shower and then waits for me to get home. And to top it off, refuses to come up with an idea. When I give suggestions he hums and haws and then says "Well it's getting late, and I'm really hungry so I think I'll just get/order *insert take out restaurant here*" I don't think we've cooked for the last 2 weeks. I feel gross and sluggish. All I know is that he's on his own tonight if he hasn't done anything. And this isn't only in the food/cooking department. It's the same with chores around the house. He made home made salsa weeks ago and didn't wash the food processor for over 2 weeks (it was rinsed). He'll sit at home all day and do nothing and then complain that there's so much to do. I use my days off to do ALL of our errands and then Sunday to visit him and family. I don't have time for me. He wants to change the sheets, so I told him yesterday morning (on his day off) to change them. I can't put on the fitted cover myself because the mattress is too heavy. He didn't do it, and then complained when we went to bed the sheets weren't changed. I don't get it.

Tonight, I have to pick up some donations for the event on Friday, and then I'm going to get some veggies for a salad for dinner. If he doesn't want what I'm brining home too bad for him. He has to figure out his own food.

I'm going to be buying the book Ballet Beautiful. Not sure if you guys have heard about the online program but Mary Helen Bowers (creator) is now coming out with a book and there are DVDs available as well. I saw in W magazine that the book is coming out in June and it seems like a really low impact workout that can help me do strength training without hurting my knees and wrists. I'm excited to head to Chapters to flip through the book to see if it's for me. The online courses are kind of pricey so I think buying the book will be better for me long term.

Anyways, I have to get back to work to just put the last few things in order before I leave for the day. So I'll just leave you with something pretty :)