Monday, July 25, 2011

So, I'm being visited by Aunt Flo this week so weight is all off. Mind you, I'm at a normal range right now than my crazy usual spike. So I'm looking at this as a good thing.

I didn't quite stick to my veggie fast too much. I did make it to the gym 4 times last week and I drank an average of 4L of water every day as well (the crazy 50 degree weather had a lot to do with that).

I went out shopping to get a few last things for my vacation yesterday. I went to go get some new bras, which I'm desperately in need of) and I ended up getting sized at a 34D!! I've been a 36B my entire life and this just blew me right away. My boobs are not THAT big! I do know that a 34 band is too tight so I could be a 36C?? Eventhough the Ds fit it was too much for me. I left without a bra.

This week, I'm getting my hair cut (FINALLY) and just trying to make it through my work week. I have less than 2 weeks left until I'm on vacation for 2 weeks. So here's to hoping I can survive.

This weeks goals:

Gym at least 3x
Water at least 2L/day
Food under 700 cals/day

I'm toying with the idea of starting up on the SGD until my vacation. I'll go until I go to Montreal and then start back up until I leave for Jersey.

What do you lovelies think?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Good morning lovelies,

So last night, I finally heard back from that guy for my resume and possible career development. We will be having a phone meeting later this morning to go over my resume and write a couple of letters to some key people. He wants me to apply for the PR intern this fall and then in the spring work as the PR rep. Pretty exciting eh? I will be attending the Pre-Party to meet the people I'm writing the letters to. I'm super pumped and anxious but this means: Hair, makeup, new dress and possible new shoes. I haven't had a hair cut since New Year's and I'm not sure what one would wear to this kind of thing, but I know whatever I wear will have to be is a pre-party for a week long fashion show! After that I'll be attending the event. So that means I need to book a week off of work or work something out with my boss that I need to be off early or something like that.

So I started my veggie/soup fast last night. I didn't eat anything but veggies and one plum, but I had a crap-ton of veggies. 3 baby bok choy heads and about 2 cups of yellow flat beans. All from my grandmother's garden so super fresh but it was a lot. Today, I'm bringing soup to work and having some more bok choy (steamed with a drop of sesame oil on each). Tonight, hopefully I wont be ravenous and I'll just come home from work tonight and relax and be in bed by 10:30.

I didn't go to the gym yesterday, but with the running around and lifting I did putting together volume orders I think I got a decent workout. I was lifting multiple bags of 20kg of baker's flour, multiple 4kg bags of sugar, a super large order of milk (over 70 bags of it) plus a variety of other massively massive packages of food products. Plus I was pushing/pulling the flat beds that have these orders on them around the warehouse. I was planning on going this morning but now I have the phone meeting so my gym time will have to wait until tomorrow (I did go Monday).

On to my water consumption.

Monday I think I managed to drink about 2L, and yesterday MAYBE 1.5L. I didn't get much chance to be around my water bottle at work since I was running around like crazy. Today, I will be at the counter all day so I will definitely be able to consume a lot of water. Plus I'll have the soup for my lunch today as well.

Here's to a full day of veggies and soup!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hello lovelies,

So the meeting went well and he said he would help me out. Which is amazingly awesome! I sent him my resume first thing Monday morning with an email thanking him for his time and such. I haven't heard anything back as of yet. If I don't hear anything by tuesday, I'll be giving him a follow up call.

So I've been having trouble keeping my water intake up. I'm barely drinking a litre in a day. I barely pee and when I do its a dark yellow (sorry for the tmi). And because I'm not drinking enough, I'm eating more because I have that thirst/dehydration that comes as hunger. I need to get back on track. I'm retaining and having a slow gain. Not good. I am getting to the gym now at least twice a week which is getting better. I'm aiming for 3 this week.

My vacation is coming up in 3 weeks and it won't be coming soon enough! I really need a break from work.

D is going away for work again this week so it will be just me for 3 days. My plan is to only consume some vegetable soup while at home and a small salad wrap and fruit at work. That with the gym should hopefully let me drop down to about 130 by the end of the week.

Anyways, goals this week:

Don't eat more than 500 a day
Gym at least 3x this week
Concentrate on drinking more water and drink at least 2L or 10 glasses.

I promise I will update again soon. I need to hold myself accountable again. I've been slacking.
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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hello lovelies,

So not much has changed. Still hovering in the 133-135 depending on the water I've had the day before. I managing to stay within a 800 cal range and my gym visits are slowly starting to become more and more frequent. I went once the week before and twice this week.

Today, my sister has set up a meeting with one of her clients from the tanning salon she works at. He is highly involved with the Ottawa Fashion weeks and he might be able to get a good word in for me for one of the internship or really good volunteer positions. So, we'll see what comes of it.

Regular job postings are pretty scarce at the moment. Not too much that interests me at the moment.

Anyways, off to get ready and to try to find something to wear that is professional while still kinda trendy??

Wish me luck!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Back and kinda better

Hello lovelies,

I'm back. I've dug my way out of this funk somewhat. I'm still down about the whole inadequacy thing but I know that I wont be feeling much better about it until I find myself a new job. The last week and a bit was bad. I just found myself crying suddenly for no reason at all. Well I knew what I was crying about but it would just come on suddenly and I would have to go hide somewhere so no one would see me. This was especially hard at work. There's no one there that I could tell any of this to because the entire store would know in seconds flat and it's usually not good form to tell people you work with and your bosses that you hate your job and are doing everything possible in your power to get the hell out and away from the place. So, I found myself in the bathroom a lot hiding out in a back stall.

I've had a couple of mini-binges because of the emotional ups and downs but I've managed to steady myself again. I'm back on my days off so today's plan is clean the house, go to the gym and only consume coffee water and veggies. Those should be tasks that will take up all of my time. I did laundry yesterday while I was at my parents' for my grandmother's birthday so I have a good 2 hours or so of folding, ironing and mending to do. For the first time yesterday, our "family meal" was something extremely safe. My mom made this Asian salad (lettuce, cucumber, carrots, bean sprouts, mint and basil with a home made asian dressing) and had grilled salmon (in foil pouches so more steamed really) and flank steak. I stuck to the salad with 2 oz of salmon and one strip of steak. However my mom made these huge parfaits that made up all the calories from a roast and potatoes. It had lime curd and a cream cheese cream with lots of berries. My mom insisted on making a double recipe because she thought the recipe didn't make enough for 8. Well the cup sizes were not meant to be massive goblets. I would have been happy with a tiny dessert but oh well, I didn't eat all of mine.

Canada Day I spent downtown. Will & Kate were in the city for a "visit" or whatever you want to call it. I managed to see Will make his address on the hill and then spent my day searching for shade and somewhere out of the sun for a drink or two. I got VERY burnt and had a touch of heat sickness. I've got a bit of a tan on my shoulders, face and arms now. My legs are still as pasty as ever. Canada Day was fun but the crowds were too crazy this year because of Will & Kate.

To help me get experience to find a job, I'm trying to get an internship/volunteering position for Ottawa's Fashion Week in the fall. My sister knows someone who's very involved in the shows. She works at a tanning salon downtown and he's one of her clients. So next weekend, I'll be meeting up with him for an interview of sorts. Basically he wants to know who he's "recommending." Hopefully this points me in the right direction. :)

Well, that's really all that's been going on with me of late. I'm not really involved in much else at the moment. But I'm still reading your blogs and I'm still around so if I'm not posting regularily it's because I don't have much to talk about other than the same stuff day in and out. I don't want to sound like a broken record TOO much ;)