Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Good morning lovelies,

So last night, I finally heard back from that guy for my resume and possible career development. We will be having a phone meeting later this morning to go over my resume and write a couple of letters to some key people. He wants me to apply for the PR intern this fall and then in the spring work as the PR rep. Pretty exciting eh? I will be attending the Pre-Party to meet the people I'm writing the letters to. I'm super pumped and anxious but this means: Hair, makeup, new dress and possible new shoes. I haven't had a hair cut since New Year's and I'm not sure what one would wear to this kind of thing, but I know whatever I wear will have to be is a pre-party for a week long fashion show! After that I'll be attending the event. So that means I need to book a week off of work or work something out with my boss that I need to be off early or something like that.

So I started my veggie/soup fast last night. I didn't eat anything but veggies and one plum, but I had a crap-ton of veggies. 3 baby bok choy heads and about 2 cups of yellow flat beans. All from my grandmother's garden so super fresh but it was a lot. Today, I'm bringing soup to work and having some more bok choy (steamed with a drop of sesame oil on each). Tonight, hopefully I wont be ravenous and I'll just come home from work tonight and relax and be in bed by 10:30.

I didn't go to the gym yesterday, but with the running around and lifting I did putting together volume orders I think I got a decent workout. I was lifting multiple bags of 20kg of baker's flour, multiple 4kg bags of sugar, a super large order of milk (over 70 bags of it) plus a variety of other massively massive packages of food products. Plus I was pushing/pulling the flat beds that have these orders on them around the warehouse. I was planning on going this morning but now I have the phone meeting so my gym time will have to wait until tomorrow (I did go Monday).

On to my water consumption.

Monday I think I managed to drink about 2L, and yesterday MAYBE 1.5L. I didn't get much chance to be around my water bottle at work since I was running around like crazy. Today, I will be at the counter all day so I will definitely be able to consume a lot of water. Plus I'll have the soup for my lunch today as well.

Here's to a full day of veggies and soup!

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  1. It sounds like you have been doing really well. Yea! And the internship and new dress sounds exciting. I totally procrastinate on haircuts too.