Saturday, May 28, 2011

I just want say:

Harlow, if you're reading this, good luck tomorrow!!! I'll be cheering you on!
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Hello lovelies!

Interview is over and done with, but I have no idea how it really went. I can never tell with these things. So now all I can do is just sit back and wait. I called the Arts Centre abour the job I applied for there and I couldn't get in touch with anyone. Following up for jobs is sort of lost on me. All I can do is say, "Hey I'm following up for this job I applied to. I'm just wondering if you've started interviewing yet?" I feel like an idiot doing that. I'm not quite sure how that gets me "noticed" but it's supposedly what you're supposed to do. I'm starting to think that that job is just lost and I probably wont get an interview.

So today is going to be a super busy day. I am having everyone over for dinner tonigh. I'm hosting 10 people. I think this will be the biggest dinner party I've ever had before. So to prepare, I have a huge list of things to do:

go to costco to get:
soda (all for hosting etc...)

get chairs from parent's house so everyone has somewhere to sit at dinner time
clean the ENTIRE HOUSE
set up guest room and basement for people to sleep in
begin prep work for dinner
get dressed
welcome everyone and really begin cooking dinner

So, needless to say, I will be very busy and not stopping.

Yesterday I was really good. I only had a banana with some light peanut butter at about 4 (160) and then I had a veggie sub for dinner for a total of 600 calories. Other than those two things, I only had water. Today, I plan on having a similar day. My intake in the end may still be higher due to the wine that will be flowing tonight but nothing until everyone else eats today. I have some Vitamin Water 10 cal to give me some flavour throught the day but I don't need anything else. My period weight is slowly starting to come off so I'm just trying help it get there as easily as possible.

Anyways, it's 7:30 and I have a lot to do before I Costco opens I want to get there before it becomes an absolute zoo.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

So my period is a week early. Better early than late...but this totally puts the weight fluctuations in to perspective. This morning I was at 137 but after having to eat because of my painkillers, who knows where I am.

So I've picked my interview outfit. I decided to go very monochromatic. Black flared slacks, a grey loose t-shirt under a long boyfriend blazer. With dark purple pumps. I felt very librarian in a skirt with a blouse...but mind you depending on how I'm feeling in the morning, I could go with a grey skirt with a black blouse and the same pumps (this outfit depends also on how tired I am in the morning and if I want to shave my legs or not).

I'm really really nervous for the interview.

I just want to say hello to my new followers D and Jessica Doyle!! If you have blogs please post them in comments so I can start following you back! Please don't mind my constant ramblings about nothing!

Anyways I'm off to research the company and then read a bit before crashing tonight.
So, didn't really get a chance to try on stuff for my interview tomorrow. That will be tonight's task when I get home from work. Speaking of which, I'll be on my own most of the night as D is working until about 11 on the other side of town.

At work today, I will be packing and walking around most of the day, when I get home tonight I will be doing a small worki out to burn some extra calories before the end of the night. Last night at kickball, I pulled something in my groin. It made it quite difficult to run the bases. I think I should stretch before the games so I don't injure myself. I don't want to be the person on the team who is always injured...that wont be a fun reputation.

Today's plan. Soup and watermelon and lots and lots of water.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hello lovelies,

So two days until my interview. I'm nervous, not only because it will be my first interview in over 2 years, but I just have NO idea what to wear. I will deal with that delema tomorrow.

The scale is wobbling back and forth on me. Sunday I managed to get back down to my easy 134 and yesterday I forgot to weigh myself. I kind of over indulged yesterday at my parents and I started the first signs of my period last night so I wasn't too surprised at the 139 on the scale this morning. Yesterday, while I was doing laundry, my dad cooked up some home made burgers on the grill. I skipped most of the condiments but the buns were HUGE. As a side there was coleslaw from a deil (lots of sodium) and then I had TONS of fresh rhubarb compote (I put sugar in at the end just so it wasn't too sour). I got home and D had a Hot'n'Ready from Little Ceaser's. That threw me over the edge. I did spend the day yesterday helping my parents with yard work and folding so I think calorie wise I ended up ok, it was just the choices I made that were really poor.

Last night I FINALLY made the soup I've been talking about for the last week. Today, will be my day to test it out. I put in one celeriac root, 2 leeks, a head of cabbagae, a tin of diced tomatoes (to colour and flavour the broth), carrots, 2 bullion cubes for seasoning, chili powder and paprika for some spice. This soup will be my work meal for the next week along with lots and lots of veggies at other times.

I have kickball again tonight so I'll be running around and being active again for about an hour tonight. With D getting up so early these last couple of weeks I've been able to fit in little workouts in the morning since I can never get back to sleep. Why not if I have all this time. I've been so sore the last couple of days, it's been great! :) I didn't get a chance to do it this morning since I work early myself but tomorrow and thursday I will get back on it. I think I might even break out the kinect again for cardio.

The girls are coming up this weekend for the race. T is running the 10K on Saturday, so I'll be downtown all day then. That night I'll be making a wonderful runner/vegetarian-friendly feast for J who will be running the half on Sunday morning. I get paid this week and I will finally have some $$ to do something for myself!! D gets paid next week so I wont feel so bad for indulgin on a pair of shoes or a pretty dress :)

So, this summer I have to do so much around this house. I need to put up evestrouphing (sp???), put up a fence, build a small patio in the back, re-level my front lawn, put in a nice walk way, buy a lawn mower, start landscaping the front (it's quite boring atm). At least all of this is stuff we can do ourselves with some friends with a case of beer and a pizza (for them).

Anways, I have to finish getting ready for work as my ride will be here shortly.

I'll post tomorrow morning with possible ideas for Thursday's interview.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hello lovelies!!

So I got an interview!! It's on Thursday morning for an Order Administrator job. I would be basically taking client orders for a division for a high tech company locally here. It's nothing glamourous, but it's not Costco and I will be working Monday-Friday again! Woo hoo!

So I woke up this morning a horrific 139.8 (I'm just going to take a slap in the face and go right to 140). D took me out last night for dinner on a patio at a wings place...I had thought that my good effort (minus the McDeath on Wednesday night) all week, my body wouldn't freak out. I'm assuming a lot of this is from the HUGE amounts of salt in the food. I had ordered 1lb of wings in mild hot sauce and out of the 9 I only ate 4. The other 5 are in the fridge for D later on tonight. I did have a couple bite of his Gar-Par fries (fries drizzled with a garlic parmesan sauce) but I didn't have an order. It's 6:45 am here and I'm about to do a workout from one of my apps on my ipod. I don't work until 10, so I plan on working out until I ache. I've already downed half a litre of water (drank 1L before bed last night and peed 2 throughout the night). 140 (a 6 lb spike) is unacceptable.

Today will be lots and lots and lots of water to flush out my system and an egg for protein this morning (boiled) and a salad in the afternoon. I took a Waterex this morning along with my Hydroxycut (only in times of great water retention) to try to regulate myself.

Now all I have to do is figure out what the hell I'm going to wear to my interview on Thursday. Slacks with a nice blouse or a skirt and jacket. Descisions descisions.

Oh OH! I'm going to be FINALLY getting a battery charger for my camera this week (yay D having a job again!) so I'll be able to take and post proper pictures again since D wont be around 24/7 anymore!!

Well off to sweat out some of this awfulness that is inside of me!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

good morning lovelies!!

how are you all today? So D is currently in Toronto for training and i'm at home by my lonesome. He'll be back home tonight, it's been  hard being away from him for so long. We haven't been  apart this long ever in our relationship.

So on Tuesday I was down to 134 but I've spiked back up to 136 (all my fault) I had McDonalds with some coworkers after work yesterday. Today is a liquids only day. I'm currently sipping on some G2 since I feel hungover from the trash last night. I woke up with all the symptoms like I had been drinking all night. It was gross. I plan on making a smoothie with strawberries and bananas and a bit of rice milk for lunch before I go to work this afternoon.

I got an interview at a high tech company for an order administrator. Basically I would be taking clients orders and such. I think it will be pretty cool. I'm super excited! D is all set and things are starting to fall back into place for me. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for the Artistic Coordinator position at the NAC. So we'll see what comes of it.

I can't wait for the long weekend. I'm going out on Saturday night with the girls and then I'm off Sunday and Monday. Then, I only work a 3 day week (Tuesday - Thursday) then I'm off Friday - Monday!! Maybe by the time these couple of weeks pass by I'll have a new job and a new start!

Today is just more of the same. I hope to get in a small workout in after I send out a couple of resumes and before I go to work. So I'm off to find more jobs!

Monday, May 16, 2011

135 this morning woo!

So D is off on his first day of work today :) So I'm playing the role of house wife today since it's my day off!

So far this morning I've washed all the dishes, tidied the living room and dining room and I'm currently working on the bedroom. I have my music blaring loudly while I wait for a repair man to eventually show up this morning to fix our fireplace. It won't turn on, and it hasn't since about March. We are just getting the problem fixed while it's still free so we don't have to pay later.

I'm dancing around the house while I clean to burn some calories. T is coming over today after lunch and we'll be walking around my area of town (if the weather holds up). I hope the repair man comes earlier rather than later so I can steal away to GNC while I wait for T so I can pick up some more diet pills. I ran out this morning so I need to get some more.

Today my food plan is as such:

1 cup canteloupe (cubed) - 53 cals
1 cup strawberries (halved) - 52 cals

Salad no dressing (not yet calculated but under 150 cals)

Celery - 20 cals

1 cup brown rice - 111 cals
1 cup steamed broccoli - 30 cals
4 oz of baked chicken - 144 cals

This should add up roughly to a total of 460 cals max.

My fruit this morning is sitting on the counter so I can just grab a piece as I walk by so I may not even eat all of it and continue it on for my snack later on this afternoon.

So I was browsing postings over the weekend and I came across my dream job!
It makes my degree NOT obsolete and goes under the field I want to do! Arts Administrations mixed with event planning/hosting. Basically it would be acting as a host for the musical performers that came to the theatre. I'm submitting my resume all 3 ways possible (e-mail, online and fax) to make sure they at least look at my resume and hopefully I at least get an interview :):)

Anyways, back to cleaning and job applying.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


D got the job!! He starts on Monday :)

We will soon be getting back to our regular scheduled programming :)

Today I'm making soup (Chicken broth with roasted veggies and the cabbage soup i was talking about in my last post) and then for dinner I'll be having some baked trout with salad and brown rice.

Monday, I will be looking very seriously for a gym membership. GoodLife (the main chain) might be a possibility again with just over $50/month. The next few months will have D using the car most of the time so I'll be investing in using the bus more and more. This also means that I'll probably have him drop me  off at the gym early in the morning and just stay there until I have to go to work. I will definitely lose what I need to lose by August :)

I will soon be getting my reward cheque from work. All you familiar with Costco probably know about the Executive reward cheque. I'm getting $87 back so that will be going towards one of the dresses. Oh btw, Harlow, I'm not sure if you saw in the last post (due to Blogger F'ing up) but all the pieces are from Marciano.

I am currently enjoying the house to myself and munching on the odd grape every now and then. I have had a litre of water so far and I plan on having 2 more before I go to bed.

Anyways, lovelies, I will keep you all posted on how we're doing and what gym program I end up going with. :)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

So D and I are now in limbo, waiting to find out if gets the jobs. Both his interviews were's just the waiting game.

I have to say I love it when my year turns over. I got paid out for roughly 15 hours of sick/leave time from last year. That's an extra $220 on this week's pay!!! Woo hoo! Now I just have to wait for my tax return to come in and then I'm set. My goal tomorrow is to pay off as much of my Visa as I possibly can! If everything starts going the way we want it, the lovely items 2 posts ago WILL be mine!! :) (BTW Harlow, those items are all from Marciano).

I've planned another girls' night for next weekend so I'll be getting my dance on again. I hope I can afford a gym membership soon because I'm starting to get really antsy at home. Tomorrow I will be doing groceries for the cabbage soup and I will make it on saturday morning. I hope it tastes good.

I played hookie yesterday from work and went downtown and enjoyed the sun. Every time I go back downtown it makes me want to sell my house and get a condo and move back. I miss it so much!!! I'm truly a city girl at heart.

Anyways, I should be working right now but I really don't feel like making calls right now and would rather goof off for the rest of the night...

Love you all!

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So I've updated my goal boxes over on the sidebar.

I found my goal weights and measurements from this post on Wanting to Wear Anything by Lita.

The website she linked to has a lot of great resources and had "model measurements and weights" I know that the UGW of 112 will probably not be realistic for me, but I know I can lose the required inches to get to the goal measurements. I have 8.5 inches to lose all over. This will definitely take a lot of work and I will have to relaly get a plan set in stone.

D has his second interview today, so hopefully he has a job when he's done this morning. Once he starts working agian, he will not be around ALL THE TIME. This will allow me to start fasting again and doing diets without being questioned the whole time. I am trying to figure out a good kick off diet to really lose a couple of pounds. I'm thinking maybe the Sacred Heart diet (Cabbage soup) but ignoring the "as much as you want" portions...

I need to recalibrate my scale since I think it's being a little fussy. I stepped on this morning and it flased 133 and then spiked up to 137 and then settled down on 136. So hopefully a reset will put things back on track.

Anyways off to help hubby get ready for his interview! Wish us luck!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

So I'm out shopping with my mom and sister and thankfully we're doing lunch at a little shop so I won't have to eat there. I can get a booster juice (290 cals max). I don't plan on eating anything today while I'm out.

I'm actually having a bit of a skinny day. I feel that I look decent today.

I wish I had a bit of extra $$ lying around so I could buy something if I see something I love. I'm too afraid to try anything on in fear of wanting it and not being able to afford it. Oh well.

Hopefully D will get the job he interviewed for on friday and I'll be able to treat myself a little.
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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

On top of the world!

D got an interview!!!!

We applied to a position with a grocery store that's opening up in the summer here in town 2 nights ago and today he got a call for an interview on Friday!! I couldn't believe it! He's going in for an Assistant Store Manager job! I'm super excited for him!!

This weekend I'm heading to a privately owned gym here in town. The chain here is just way too ridiculously expensive for me at the moment. They want 65$ after taxes a month for a year with a 60$ enrolment fee. Mind you, this gets me into any club across the country but I just can't afford it. The local gym is offering a year's membership for 400$ and since I used to be a member and I'm in their system I wouldn't have to pay enrolment. They also go pay as you go rather than 1 year contracts. This is much more appealing to me, but I will only have access to the one gym. Descisions, descisions...I could just wait it out to see if D gets the job and then I could possibly even get personal training or just go straight to the Greco program I mentioned in one of my last posts. *thinks hard*

Well, here's hoping and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for him!!

I'm back hovering in my plateau again. Tomorrow it's coffee and veggies all day for me. No meat and no carbs. I have a bag of frozen mixed veggies and I plan on only eating that for the rest of the week to prepare for Saturday. It's my grandparent's anniversary and mother's day all rolled into one. So it will be a BIG family meal...

Well off to bed for me, I want to get in at least 8 hours tonight.
Hello lovelies!

So things are on the mend. D is now actively applying for jobs and so have I. My mom just sent me a posting for a job she found in the paper and it's entry level but I'd make at least 10K$ more than I am now and I would have my weekends back again. Wish me luck!

So I have a question. I'm taking multivitamins again, but I can't seem to absorb them. I keep peeing bright yellow (tmi I know), does anyone else have this issue?

Anyways my break is over so I gotta run! I'll post again later
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Monday, May 2, 2011

Descision Canada

Well, among the  recent events of the last 4 days, Canada will find out who will lead the country...again...for the seventh time in the last 4 years (well at least it feels like it).

I have voted and now all I can do is sit and wait to see what Canada decides. I honestly can say I'm nervous and petrified because everything has just gone to crap...unnecessary elections...I'm tired of them.

So I found my new favourite restaurant!! It's called freshii. It's located in T's appartment building and it's all fresh, clean whole foods. I had a rice bowl with brown rice, avacado, mushrooms, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, spinach and balsamic vinegar and it was ONLY 182 cals!!! I couldn't even finish it it was so filling!!!

Yoga was ok yesterday. T and I both couldn't last through the 90 min Bikram class. We never sit anything out but we came to the conclusion that it was the instructor. He speaks like an auctioneer and there is NOTHING relaxing about that. I wasn't able to focus on my postures and I could not centre myself at all. I was stressed the entire the time. I will definitely not take any classes he teacher ever again!

Well back to see what the fate of the country will be...