Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hello lovelies!!

So I got an interview!! It's on Thursday morning for an Order Administrator job. I would be basically taking client orders for a division for a high tech company locally here. It's nothing glamourous, but it's not Costco and I will be working Monday-Friday again! Woo hoo!

So I woke up this morning a horrific 139.8 (I'm just going to take a slap in the face and go right to 140). D took me out last night for dinner on a patio at a wings place...I had thought that my good effort (minus the McDeath on Wednesday night) all week, my body wouldn't freak out. I'm assuming a lot of this is from the HUGE amounts of salt in the food. I had ordered 1lb of wings in mild hot sauce and out of the 9 I only ate 4. The other 5 are in the fridge for D later on tonight. I did have a couple bite of his Gar-Par fries (fries drizzled with a garlic parmesan sauce) but I didn't have an order. It's 6:45 am here and I'm about to do a workout from one of my apps on my ipod. I don't work until 10, so I plan on working out until I ache. I've already downed half a litre of water (drank 1L before bed last night and peed 2 throughout the night). 140 (a 6 lb spike) is unacceptable.

Today will be lots and lots and lots of water to flush out my system and an egg for protein this morning (boiled) and a salad in the afternoon. I took a Waterex this morning along with my Hydroxycut (only in times of great water retention) to try to regulate myself.

Now all I have to do is figure out what the hell I'm going to wear to my interview on Thursday. Slacks with a nice blouse or a skirt and jacket. Descisions descisions.

Oh OH! I'm going to be FINALLY getting a battery charger for my camera this week (yay D having a job again!) so I'll be able to take and post proper pictures again since D wont be around 24/7 anymore!!

Well off to sweat out some of this awfulness that is inside of me!!

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  1. Hey hun,

    Glad to hear that things are starting to resolve themselves for you job wise. I know it's so frustrating to be out of work or at a job you don't like.

    Hopefully it's just water weight. 6lbs seems like an insane amount for 4 chicken wings and a couple fries.

    I hope the interview goes wonderfully.