Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So I've updated my goal boxes over on the sidebar.

I found my goal weights and measurements from this post on Wanting to Wear Anything by Lita.

The website she linked to has a lot of great resources and had "model measurements and weights" I know that the UGW of 112 will probably not be realistic for me, but I know I can lose the required inches to get to the goal measurements. I have 8.5 inches to lose all over. This will definitely take a lot of work and I will have to relaly get a plan set in stone.

D has his second interview today, so hopefully he has a job when he's done this morning. Once he starts working agian, he will not be around ALL THE TIME. This will allow me to start fasting again and doing diets without being questioned the whole time. I am trying to figure out a good kick off diet to really lose a couple of pounds. I'm thinking maybe the Sacred Heart diet (Cabbage soup) but ignoring the "as much as you want" portions...

I need to recalibrate my scale since I think it's being a little fussy. I stepped on this morning and it flased 133 and then spiked up to 137 and then settled down on 136. So hopefully a reset will put things back on track.

Anyways off to help hubby get ready for his interview! Wish us luck!!

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  1. Good luck with the interview. I SO HATE IT when my scale gets all screwy like that.