Monday, May 16, 2011

135 this morning woo!

So D is off on his first day of work today :) So I'm playing the role of house wife today since it's my day off!

So far this morning I've washed all the dishes, tidied the living room and dining room and I'm currently working on the bedroom. I have my music blaring loudly while I wait for a repair man to eventually show up this morning to fix our fireplace. It won't turn on, and it hasn't since about March. We are just getting the problem fixed while it's still free so we don't have to pay later.

I'm dancing around the house while I clean to burn some calories. T is coming over today after lunch and we'll be walking around my area of town (if the weather holds up). I hope the repair man comes earlier rather than later so I can steal away to GNC while I wait for T so I can pick up some more diet pills. I ran out this morning so I need to get some more.

Today my food plan is as such:

1 cup canteloupe (cubed) - 53 cals
1 cup strawberries (halved) - 52 cals

Salad no dressing (not yet calculated but under 150 cals)

Celery - 20 cals

1 cup brown rice - 111 cals
1 cup steamed broccoli - 30 cals
4 oz of baked chicken - 144 cals

This should add up roughly to a total of 460 cals max.

My fruit this morning is sitting on the counter so I can just grab a piece as I walk by so I may not even eat all of it and continue it on for my snack later on this afternoon.

So I was browsing postings over the weekend and I came across my dream job!
It makes my degree NOT obsolete and goes under the field I want to do! Arts Administrations mixed with event planning/hosting. Basically it would be acting as a host for the musical performers that came to the theatre. I'm submitting my resume all 3 ways possible (e-mail, online and fax) to make sure they at least look at my resume and hopefully I at least get an interview :):)

Anyways, back to cleaning and job applying.

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