Saturday, May 14, 2011


D got the job!! He starts on Monday :)

We will soon be getting back to our regular scheduled programming :)

Today I'm making soup (Chicken broth with roasted veggies and the cabbage soup i was talking about in my last post) and then for dinner I'll be having some baked trout with salad and brown rice.

Monday, I will be looking very seriously for a gym membership. GoodLife (the main chain) might be a possibility again with just over $50/month. The next few months will have D using the car most of the time so I'll be investing in using the bus more and more. This also means that I'll probably have him drop me  off at the gym early in the morning and just stay there until I have to go to work. I will definitely lose what I need to lose by August :)

I will soon be getting my reward cheque from work. All you familiar with Costco probably know about the Executive reward cheque. I'm getting $87 back so that will be going towards one of the dresses. Oh btw, Harlow, I'm not sure if you saw in the last post (due to Blogger F'ing up) but all the pieces are from Marciano.

I am currently enjoying the house to myself and munching on the odd grape every now and then. I have had a litre of water so far and I plan on having 2 more before I go to bed.

Anyways, lovelies, I will keep you all posted on how we're doing and what gym program I end up going with. :)

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  1. Yeah, glad he got the job. One bit of stress of your shoulders!!