Wednesday, May 4, 2011

On top of the world!

D got an interview!!!!

We applied to a position with a grocery store that's opening up in the summer here in town 2 nights ago and today he got a call for an interview on Friday!! I couldn't believe it! He's going in for an Assistant Store Manager job! I'm super excited for him!!

This weekend I'm heading to a privately owned gym here in town. The chain here is just way too ridiculously expensive for me at the moment. They want 65$ after taxes a month for a year with a 60$ enrolment fee. Mind you, this gets me into any club across the country but I just can't afford it. The local gym is offering a year's membership for 400$ and since I used to be a member and I'm in their system I wouldn't have to pay enrolment. They also go pay as you go rather than 1 year contracts. This is much more appealing to me, but I will only have access to the one gym. Descisions, descisions...I could just wait it out to see if D gets the job and then I could possibly even get personal training or just go straight to the Greco program I mentioned in one of my last posts. *thinks hard*

Well, here's hoping and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for him!!

I'm back hovering in my plateau again. Tomorrow it's coffee and veggies all day for me. No meat and no carbs. I have a bag of frozen mixed veggies and I plan on only eating that for the rest of the week to prepare for Saturday. It's my grandparent's anniversary and mother's day all rolled into one. So it will be a BIG family meal...

Well off to bed for me, I want to get in at least 8 hours tonight.

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