Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hello lovelies,

So two days until my interview. I'm nervous, not only because it will be my first interview in over 2 years, but I just have NO idea what to wear. I will deal with that delema tomorrow.

The scale is wobbling back and forth on me. Sunday I managed to get back down to my easy 134 and yesterday I forgot to weigh myself. I kind of over indulged yesterday at my parents and I started the first signs of my period last night so I wasn't too surprised at the 139 on the scale this morning. Yesterday, while I was doing laundry, my dad cooked up some home made burgers on the grill. I skipped most of the condiments but the buns were HUGE. As a side there was coleslaw from a deil (lots of sodium) and then I had TONS of fresh rhubarb compote (I put sugar in at the end just so it wasn't too sour). I got home and D had a Hot'n'Ready from Little Ceaser's. That threw me over the edge. I did spend the day yesterday helping my parents with yard work and folding so I think calorie wise I ended up ok, it was just the choices I made that were really poor.

Last night I FINALLY made the soup I've been talking about for the last week. Today, will be my day to test it out. I put in one celeriac root, 2 leeks, a head of cabbagae, a tin of diced tomatoes (to colour and flavour the broth), carrots, 2 bullion cubes for seasoning, chili powder and paprika for some spice. This soup will be my work meal for the next week along with lots and lots of veggies at other times.

I have kickball again tonight so I'll be running around and being active again for about an hour tonight. With D getting up so early these last couple of weeks I've been able to fit in little workouts in the morning since I can never get back to sleep. Why not if I have all this time. I've been so sore the last couple of days, it's been great! :) I didn't get a chance to do it this morning since I work early myself but tomorrow and thursday I will get back on it. I think I might even break out the kinect again for cardio.

The girls are coming up this weekend for the race. T is running the 10K on Saturday, so I'll be downtown all day then. That night I'll be making a wonderful runner/vegetarian-friendly feast for J who will be running the half on Sunday morning. I get paid this week and I will finally have some $$ to do something for myself!! D gets paid next week so I wont feel so bad for indulgin on a pair of shoes or a pretty dress :)

So, this summer I have to do so much around this house. I need to put up evestrouphing (sp???), put up a fence, build a small patio in the back, re-level my front lawn, put in a nice walk way, buy a lawn mower, start landscaping the front (it's quite boring atm). At least all of this is stuff we can do ourselves with some friends with a case of beer and a pizza (for them).

Anways, I have to finish getting ready for work as my ride will be here shortly.

I'll post tomorrow morning with possible ideas for Thursday's interview.

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