Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Weekend planning

So, spoke with K last night about all the details of the Saturday night. Eventually we came to the topic of what-to-wear. She's wearing the cocktail dress below so I need to find a cocktail dress from my closet that is equally as classy.

As it currently stands in my closet, I have the black dress I wore to the gala the other weekend, a green knit bodycon dress, and then everything else is either summery or too clubby. I think I may be making a stop in at Dynamite or at the worst Guess to pick up a bodycon type cocktail dress...who knows. 

To prepare for the weekend. I'm considering doing the 3 day diet. I couldn't start it today as I didn't have the food at home. I need to run to the grocery store tomorrow to pick up supplies. Either that, or liquids. I just need to lose some water weight and bloat. Nothing huge. I just don't want to be puffy as the event we're attending after dinner is a grand opening of a lounge in the Montreal Hyatt. It's a red carpet event, so there will be photos taken as we walk in. Need to look good. At least I will have my shoes, clutch and accessories taken care of so it's just figuring out a dress. 

So I got some money for my birthday and I've been thinking if I should put that money towards clothing, or buy a bottle or two of OxyElite? Thoughts? I need the clothing for work, but the OxyElite worked so well and gave me great results...

So other than racking my brain over what I'll be wearing Saturday, I have to prepare my presentation to the board for tonight so I'm off to work my ass off for the next 8 hours!!

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  1. Good luck finding a dress! I almost hate it when I"m looking for something specific as I fear I won't find it. Hmmm....maybe the Oxy Elite. Since it worked so good. But it's hard to pass up clothes shopping!