Monday, November 29, 2010

Ugh, periods suck. I spent all this morning curled in a little ball of pain. I had to eat this morning for my pain meds so today is going to be my high day. I still took my ECA pill this morning but after I ate for my other pill. The effects wont be as profound since I ate before hand but I will still have it working its magic :)

I'm retaining water so I didn't weigh myself this morning and I hope that I will see something closer to 138 tomorrow morning. The water weight usually stays for a couple of days but slowly goes down over the course of the week so I should see some changes over the week. D mentioned this morning that my stomach looks flatter (which is odd because I'm SUPER bloated but still a nice compliment) so one more proof that these pills are working!

I have an appointment with the eye doctor for my check up today. I love going to my eye doctor because he's SUPER hot! lol I always joked that I would woo him during my appointments and marry him! haha! still it's fun to go see a doctor that spends the entire time staring at your eyes when he's really nice to look at himself :p

So I've bought almost all of my Christmas decorations and I can start decorating the house this weekend. I sitll have to find a tree topper. Today is a day full of chores. I have to clean the house and do laundry as well as errands and groceries. This will be a long busy day and these cramps wont be any help. At least I wont be confined to my bed and I'll be moving around and burning SOME cals.

Anyways, time to start my day! Talk to you lovelies soon!


  1. i hate my period cramps too. everyone complains of water weight during their period but my weight usually goes down (when my body isn't hating me that is) and i suspect it's because i don't take my bc pills that week.

  2. I hate that I can't find a tree topper that isn't an angel or something that doesn't light up. Whatever happened to the simple star or an ugly santa?

    This period was the first on in a while that I've had cramps (since I went on BC). I was unprepared for them completely. I hate the period bloat, I still need to weigh myself everyday though, even if I know it's not true.