Sunday, November 7, 2010


I'm FINALLY back down to 140. And not 140.something-or-other...140 on the nose!! I'm well on my way back down into the 130s!! I know this is great news for the next 4 weeks.

Today D and I are going out around town and buying our first Christmas tree and decrations for the house!! I'm so excited! We bought our first tree ornament this week too! It's a Startbucks cup ornament! lol. We practically live at Starbucks and the one we always go to is where we went for dates when we were first dating, and then we would wait for eachother there while we waited for the other to finish work. Now we just go every morning before work! lol They know us by name and order there and they even gave us a pound of coffee for our house warming! lol So we just thought it was fitting to have that ornament on our tree! lol

We will be getting the "First Christmas" and "First House" ornaments too but I'm still thinking of what the theme/colours of the decorations we will have. I'm thinking mauves and cream or something along those lines :) I figure I'll go all matchy matchy Martha Stewart/Canadian Living until D and I collect ornaments to give the tree that kitchy family feeling :)

So today is going to a be a bit of a worry free day. D and I are planning on seeing Megamind tonight (maybe) so I don't plan on eating during the day but I wont freak out over being surrounded by candy and such at the theatre. This is my last day of being undiciplined and starting tomorrow it will be veggies and fruit or pickled things for sweets. I will be staying under 500 cals no matter what any day for the next 4 weeks. I have dusted off my calorie counter on my iPod so I can keep track of my intake. No late dinners after working late. There is no excuse!

Wish me luck every one!!

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  1. Christmas is in the air alright!! I've never had a tree. Maybe we'll get one this year. Good job on the 140.