Friday, November 26, 2010

My first day on ECA was awesome. I lost 2lbs yesterday. I am now back under 140 (it only took 2 weeks). I have decided to go for a whole month's dose and hopefully get down to 130 by Christmas time.

It has been the first diet pill that has actually felt like it was DOING SOMETHING in a long long time. I didin't have full on jitters but I could feel my heart beating a little harder and I had this endless supply of energy the whole day. I only felt that I was crashing at about 8 last night. Which after being up and at work most of the day (on a really busy day too) is totally normal.

My eating habits are beginning to become easier and easier to keep under people's radar at work. I also have been on break by myself a lot more too lately.

Tonight I'm closing again but tomorrow I'm off early so I can get some Christmas shopping done :)

It snowed last night and I have to bus to work. :( It's cold windy and super icy and I have to walk through the construction in my development to the bus stop. I hope that it warms up a little in the next hour or so when I leave so I wont freeze!

Anyways I have to get ready for work but I'll keep you posted on how the ECA is doing for me :)

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