Tuesday, November 2, 2010

great day

Quick post but...

I did really well today!! I didn't meals today. I had a total of 200 cals from picking at halloween candy while I worked. I had 4 Runtz, 3 fuzzy peach drops and one tube of rockets. At dinner tonight I had two bites of my steak and 5 tortellini (300 cals but I'm probably over calculating but I'd rather over estimate than under). So I'm thinking 500 for the entire day. I haven't had a 500 day in a LONG time!

So funny thing happened to me yesterday!! I got a call from a store I shop at called Marciano. I had supposedly ordered a dress from another store and it had come in. The weird thing was is that I hadn't been in the store in weeks. So I had to go downtown anyways so I thought I might as well go check out the dress. I got to the store and they brought out the dress and I had never seen it in my life. It was my size and everything but I didn't remember ordering it or anything. So anyways...I tried it on and it fit perfectly! OMG it made me look SO skinny!! So, I bought it. There is probably some girl in this city with the same name as me who's going to be pretty angry that their dress never came in! lol! I'll send a pic of the dress later!

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  1. that is so funny about that dress! I guess you-and not the other girl who is probably wondering what the heck happened to it-were meant to have it.