Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I heart my followers

Hello my loves!

Thanks for the comments!

Fed Up: yes it is a VS bra! :) It's pretty old though :p I got it 2 summers ago when I was on my trip to NYC. We just had VS open up in Canada recently but they're in Toronto and Edmonton, so unfortunately I can either pay shipping and duty to buy online or I have to make a road trip to Toronto to go shopping. Both very pricey endeavours.

Zette: Thanks love for the encouragement! I actually kinda do want to keep a bit of my curves as the weight goes down. I have to say it's a blessing and a curse that I have a curvy figure. I can wear very fitted pencil skirts and dresses and show off the feminimity but at the same time a lot of  stuff that's shapeless makes me look HUGE and all my weight goes to my hips and tummy.

Désespérée: I agree that I can be thinner. I was 118 when I was 18 and starting Uni. I have pictures of me where I almost disappeared when I was turned sideways. My UGW is 118 but I have to get past this ungodly plateau first.

I am determined to get myself working out regularily. I might talk with the Hubby about getting me a personal trainer. When I had a trainer I was really really good. My weight was not much different than now but I was mostly muscle. I was a whole pant size smaller and I was pretty solid. I was content with my body but always wanting more. I might look into a nutritionist/dietician to set me up with a diet (ideally one who will give me a celebrity calibre diet).

The ECA and work are doing wonders but I have to make sure I keep up my water intake (which is hard when you're running around all day and talking to people. I'm lucky if I can drink 2 bottles of water during my 8 hour shift.

I think I might start posting a progress picture every Monday. The feedback from you girls is great, and I really appreciate it. I don't get help from people in my RL. They all basically blow smoke up my ass. They don't see my love handles or my lumps.

Well I'm off to read all your blogs and comment!

I <3 you all!

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  1. i'd look forward to progress pics. might belp you stay on track.