Monday, December 6, 2010

Progress #2.

Well lovelies. Here's #2. I don't think there's been much of a change and the scale has been doing its usual flux.

This past weekend has been moderate but not great. I got most of my christmas shopping done and I'm completely broke. Maybe I'll eat less this week? No $$ = no food therefore no food = no eating. I need to be 130 by new years.
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  1. Oh, Christmas shopping certainly does burn a hole in one's pocket! Good luck on 130 by new years! I know you can do it! Staystrong :)

  2. still lookin' good. broke for the holidays seems to be a common theme!! good luck on 130.

  3. 130 sounds like a good goal. not to be a creeper but your bra is cute. where'd you get it?? my money was lost to christmas shopping, too.
    p.s. i'm going to see my sister&her husband&to see actual snow, not the slush we get down here. &my email is feel free to write anytime.