Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm sorry

I'm sorry lovelies that I didn't post this week at all (progress picture included). I've just been having an insanely fat feeling week. I'm feeling under the weather and I'm coming up to my period so I'm retaining water like crazy. My weight is still sitting at it's usual spot right under 138 (137.8 as per my scale) with fluctuations of +1 lb, but I just feel incredibly massive and embarrassed to put any photos up of me right now. I know that if I put up a picture it will probably look mostly the same as last week's but the way I'm feeling is just not confident.

As per my eating, I've done very well this week. I've stayed under 800 all week (except for wednesday). Yesterday at work I basically hit a brick wall about a third of the way into my shift and had absolutely no energy to do anything at all. Obviously, it was stupidly and rediculously busy and I had to have some sort of energy boost. So I started off with 2 lattes (2% since the resto doesn't do plain coffee or non-fat) then I had my salad and my apple (all on my first break and the salad was supposed to last 2 breaks) and then on my second break since I had no food I ate candy and chocolate. I don't know where I ended up yesterday with my food but I know it wasn't good. Today I only had about 650 today (should have been a fast but I had lunch with my parents). Tomorrow is a perfect day. I will be having only 300 cals. I will be on my own all day with nothing to eat other than vegetable broth (15cals) and clementines (30cals). I will also hopefully fit in a workout between the painters coming to touch  up the fresh mud patches and Christmas Eve mass tomorrow night.

Anyways, again, I'm sorry my lovelies. This monday I will DEFINITELY post a new picture.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas or a Happy Holidays!!


  1. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to you!

  2. Sorry you're not feeling too good. I'm also coming up to my "period" (Stopped getting them, but I still retain water around the time I should be getting it) I know it's frustrating. You'll do better, I know it. Have a wonderful holiday filled with laughter and joy. :)
    Stay Superstrong!
    -Molly <3