Thursday, December 30, 2010

Looking back and Moving forward

2 days left of 2010.
What have I accomplished?

Lost 28lbs since february
Got moved out of a job and told I suck.
Took a massive pay cut.
Got married
Bought a house

It's been sort of an OK year. The bad feels like it outweighs the good but the good is clearly what I should be focusing on.

I'm getting so bad at managing my money. I've been called this week by 2 different creditors for my phone bill and a credit card. I'm broke until next Friday and I have to pay 300$ in bills and my money after my mortgage is $500 for 2 weeks so basically I will only have $200 to last me until mid-January. I'm definitely feeling the squeeze.

Therefore, my top New Year's Resolution for 2011 is to get a Supervisory job ($8 pay raise/hr) at my current workplace or a whole new job by the spring. I don't need to be in anything special but I do need to be making at least what I was when I was back in the office.

Resolution number 2 is a two-parter:

1) I want to lose another 20 lbs by 2012 (I know I've given a lot of leeway for this one but my metabolism has really slowed down so I'm giving my body some time.)

2) Work out more. Whether that means joining a gym or a yoga studio or just getting into the habit of using my workout DVDs or video games on a regular basis. This is part 2 of  this one because I  need to workout to lose more weight. I want to be 118 and I know that restriction alone will do nothing for me at this point so I need to step up my expenditure.

I don't think that I need any other resolutions other than those two. I hope that I'm successful and I definitely meet my first goal. So if any of my Canadian readers hear of job openings in the Nations Capital if you could send me the link it would be greatly appreciated!! :)

Good luck to all of you on your New Year's Resolutions!!!


  1. number 2 will speed up the weight loss process and change the shape of your body too :)

    I answered your question on my last post but in case you missed it ehre's how I use goggle reader on my blackberry:

    The answer to TK's question about how I access google reader from my blackberry: I log into blogger so that when I go to I'm logged into my google account (it'll say logged in under the google search bar) from there I search google reader and the first search result will take me to the mobile version of google reader. I can't access google reader from my blogger dashboard.

    If that doesn't work you could try setting up RSS feed for your fave blogs so you can read them through your email. Hope that was helpful.

  2. 28 lb weight loss is great! Good luck with your job situation. I need to make more money too because being broke is for the birds!