Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Monday

Hello again lovelies!

I'm sorry I'm not soo great at posting recently. Monday is really the only day where I can post without being hounded by D about what I'm doing. He always pokes his nose into what I'm doing when I'm on the computer. (Note to self: get an internet cable for the computer upstairs)

This weekend wasn't an absolute fail but it wasn't the greatest. I didn't have any food at work on Saturday except for some salad, but I did go out for sushi with T that evening. We both kind of went crazy on the sushi. We then saw Burlesque (OMFG AMAZING MOVIE!!) I don't know how Christina got herself that tiny and then so fat so quickly. Has anyone noticed that she's gotten quite chubby lately?? Anyways, she had the perfect petite body but still had all of her awesome curves!!

Yesterday I think was a relative success :) I didn't eat ANYTHING all day until my parents came over for the dinner I cooked. I made roast lamb with a roasted pepper sabayon and I also made asparagus and a green salad. My portion was relatively small and I didn't even finish it. So a small success for me! yay!

I've started a diet today that is going to be super easy. Basically there's a set food list (no processed foods or dairy and lean meats and fish and loads of veggies and fruit) but you have to eat 1 apple with every meal and you can snack on apples all day long. There's not counting but the whole point is to fill up on apples so you don't fill up on other stuff. I'm going to be doing this diet for the next 12 days and hopefully I can drop down a couple pounds :) I'm doing this diet with my texting buddy. This diet is also great because it doesn't seem like you're dieting but only eating clean. I have to go out today and get the rest of the food on  my food list since I didn't have time to get it all yesterday.

Today is another busy day. I'm currently doing laundry and I have to run around town doing errands. Stuff for the house and the last little things for Chirstmas. I'll be posting my progress pictures in a little bit since they're on my phone right now.

Anyways off to do the rest of my errands :)


  1. My husband always asks me what I'm doing on the computer! haha.

    Good luck with the new diet. Do let us know how it goes! :)

  2. good luck with the diet. i'm starting fresh myself. TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!