Saturday, December 18, 2010

I would like to say hello to my new followers! I looked to see if you had blogs of your own but there were no links or they didn't work! I would love to read about you lovlies if you have a blog so please post your links in the comments for this post!!! I would also like to put out a special hello to Harlow. She was the first blog I found in this community and seeing her in my followers list was the best thing of my day today! I hope I don't bore you all with my constant babbling :p

So I seem to be hovering between 140 and 138. I dipped to 137 yesterday morning but this morning I was back at 138. I think I'm going to re-inflate my exercise ball and start doing free weights on it (as per Harlow's suggestion) early in the mornings. I actually can't wait until my basement is fully set up so I have room to do my P90X videos. I did that a bit before the wedding before I discovered Bikram.

Tomorrow I'm going to have my second phone date with my Ana-buddy/pen pal. Last sunday was the first time we ever spoke on the phone. It was amazing! It was like we had been friends forever and had spoken over the phone countless times. I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned her before but we met back at the beginning of the year on Pretty Thin and bonded over the fact we were both getting married in the fall. We exchanged e-mails and then BBM PINs and have been talking ever since. We even sent eachother wedding gifts! Anyways needless to say I'm super excited to talk to her again.

After that I'll be heading downtown to finish off my Christmas shopping. Just my dad and my grandfather left and stocking stuffers for D. So that's almost done with and all the walking of tomorrow and the lack of lunch will be a good thing. However, I have my department Christmas party tomorrow night at a restaurant called Jack Astors. Basically it's a family style restaurant (lots of fried foods and high calorie pastas and such. So I must tread carefully. I have to order something so people don't bug me but I also have to order something that wont make me hate myself.

Anyways wish me luck tomorrow loves!


  1. good luck at the holiday party! I know how hard it is to be surrounded by fat food!!

  2. all the best for tomorrow! christmas parties = so much badness and I am terrible in social situations - particularly when I've got a drink in my hand. good luck! x

  3. That's nice that you have a buddy who understands you. I tried that, but mine was flaky and ended up turning on me. It's been hard to trust people now.

    Hope your dinner went smoothly.