Saturday, January 1, 2011

Crappy Start

So after not standing on the scale for 3 days (I don't weigh myself during my period which started me at 140) I took the plunge to see where 2011 is starting me off. Well I'm at 142 and boy does it show. Tomorrow's photo will show.

Anyways, I had decided yesterday that I would just go with the flow and not really care about the food and drink at the party. Well that lax attitude flowed into today and I've just been eating like crap. I'm not even going to list it.

So tomorrow morning after all my guests have left (they're here the weekend because of the UFC fight tonight) I'm switching on my P90X videos and I'm doing Kenpo and Yoga and if I have it in me the Ab Ripper DVD too. Tomorrow night is my sister's birthday dinner so I need to have a very significant calorie deficit by tomorrow evening to counter the last 2 days and tomorrow night. I need to really really really really get back on my game like I was last winter. The holidays are over and there is no excuse to fail now.

I'm heading out with the girls soon to see Black Swan. I'm quite excited to see it and hope it will be good inspiration for the year. Natalie Portman lost a shittonne of weight for the role. I seriously think sometimes that I want to find a dietician that will put me on one of these celebrity diets. Like Christian Bale...he lost 60lbs in a matter of 2 months for his role in The Machinist (sp?). I'd love to halve that! I would be the perfect amount of tiny then.

I was watching the top 100 Maxim girls of 2010 and I really want to have my waist so tiny that when I put my hands on my hips my fingers almost touch at my bellybutton without trying.

Anyways enough of my ramblings. I'll update tomorrow with my progress pic.

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