Sunday, January 23, 2011

I suck...

I'm working out, I barely eat at work (lettuce no dressing and half a pbj sandwich or a cup of broth), I drink tons of water and tea (totally almost 3L) And it's all great until I get home. D gets hungry and cooks for the both of us. and I just eat, doesn't matter what I just eat. But since i'm putting something in my stomach other than a liquid, I don't stop.

I've been bouncing up and down 2lbs. nothing solid.

I don't think I'll be looking good in a bikini. I'm already looking at onepiece suits for my trip it seems like they're making a comeback.

I know I haven't posted in a while but all of you are doing really well and you are all fantastic! Keep it up everyone!


  1. I wouldn't stress just stay focused and keep at your goal!! You may need to tidy up your diet or excessive a little more to keep getting results!!

    Good Luck

    ♥ Bree

  2. Just try and work on portion control with dinner with hubby. I know it's hard!!!

  3. maybe it would help if you had a bit more during the day/fiber/veg something, so when your hubby makes dinner it might be easier to do portion control.

    ~ Harlow

    Ps. When I read your comment about your alternator going in a storm and you had to wait for an hour for a tow I realized my car problems could have been way worse!! thanks for the perspective

  4. Don't give up! You should try changing your diet(for a few days), like eating only soups or eating a 100-200 cal meal every 3 hours. If you can't do that, then try working out for 30 more minutes or just try a different workout.
    Stay strong and good luck!

  5. awwww that's always hard when there seems to be very little change with a lot of effort. perhaps go a bit heavier on the protein, it fills you up longer and is more satisfying. the best of luck,<3RaeLynn