Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hey lovelies.

Thanks for your comments. D and I are still going strong but that damned letter has been picking at me in the back of my brain. I don't know why I can't let it go. I'm not thinking about if the letter was true, but my mind keeps racing on the questions of why and where did the thought come from? Anyways, I'll just keep dwelling on it in my head slowly going crazy.

So my week has been pretty good with my workouts. I'm starting to get a little further in the P90X yoga DVD. Still can't finish it but I'm getting there. There hasn't been a day since Wednesday that I haven't been sore all over. The pain I love the most is the pain in the area of my inner thighs and butt. I have to keep the circuit training up with the lunges, squats and wall sits. My abs have been burning too.

Last night was inventory and I got to do  A LOT of heavy lifting. I was moving and counting space heaters (oil and electric) vacuum cleaners and lots of boxes of printing paper and envelopes. Needless to say I'm pretty sore! lol

Today I'm off, so I'll be spending my day cleaning, vacuuming and washing floors. I'm going to try to get a workout in all before my mom comes over. I'm having her over for dinner. So on top of everything I have to do today, I have to cook dinner. I'm thinkin of going along the lines of vegetarian stir fry. I want to tkeep it as light as possible. I have a few things I need to pick up from the grocery store, but I have to see if my mom can take me out since D has the car and the grocery store up the road doesn't take Amex. I was planning on going for a walk there and back but that option was dashed this morning when i finally realize that fact.

Anyways lovelies, I'm going to get started on my day because I have a lot ahead of me and I REALLY want to get a workout in before 2. That only gives me 4 hours to get this all done before I get a shower.

Oh and on a nother completely different note, I REALLY want to go shopping!!! I haven't been since boxing day and I need new jeans like you wouldn't believe and I just really like shopping.

Ok, now I'm really done. See you soon!


  1. I still haven't been able to make it through the complete p90x dvd either!

    I'm doing it tonight my goal is to make it to 40 minutes! I def need it after my am run.

    Some people are just @-holes and like to make other people upset... idk if there's really any other explaination.

    ~ Harlow

  2. Shopping... <3

    And good job with all the exercise!!! You make me feel like a weakling ;)

  3. ahhhhhh i love that feeling where you're sore all over! especially after a really hard quad workout, then you can feel it in every step! it's oddly satisfying... perhaps I'm a sadist. and I love those super-productive days filled with a ton of calorie-burning chores, they're so energy-filled! lifting, sweeping, cleaning, etc. they are very rewarding :D <3RaeLynn