Monday, January 24, 2011

Hey lovelies.

Thank you all for your comments. I think I am going to try to change things up a little bit. I'm going to try to eat more veggies during my shift and maybe a tad bit more fibre (I'm thinking quinoa or oatmeal). For our meals at night I'm going to push D to make more fish rather than carb heavy pastas and pan fried foods.

I've also looked to My bff T for a bit of help on the balanced diet front. She's sent me her diet she's doing for her competition (as I've mentioned before she does figure competitions). I've put it down below but I wont be eating that much. I'll probably reduce the amounts considerably and cut out a meal or two. But as you can see there it's a day in day out plan but over the next few weeks I should have enough protein and fibre to get me through. I need to work out the weights and the measurments, but the great thing is that I can prepare everything for days ahead of time so it's easy to pack up for work later that week. I need to get batteries for my food scale to help this along.

1 tsp EVOO

Choice of veggies (onions, peppers, mushrooms, broccoli & spinach)

6 egg whites
1/3c oats

1 Multi Vitamin

1 scoop whey

1tsp nuts or nut butter


4oz chicken breasts
1/3c Quinoa or Brown Rice (Long Grain) or 6oz Sweet Potato

2 cups green veggies of choice
4oz Tilapia

1tsp nuts or nut butter
1 serving All Greens
Dinner (min 1hr pre-workout):
4 oz salmon or buffalo
2 big handful of spinach

Snack (before bed):
1 egg, cooked

Your comments were helpful and uplifting. I'm really starting to feel that I belong in the community.

So yesterday I had a small victory :) I went out shopping with my hubby and a friend and I stopped at my fave store and I wanted to try on a a maxi dress for my vacation coming up and I asked the sales associate if there was a medium because there wasn't one on the rack and she looked at me and said (and I quote) "There is NO way you're a medium. Here, try on the small it should fit fine." So I tried it on and it zipped up!! I was in total disbelief. I don't think I've EVER been a small in that store! I bought this really adorable silk shirt in navy. I also fit into a 27 jean there as well :). While in the fitting room I realized I have quite a bit of loose skin in my tummy area so my goal for the next 2 weeks will mostly be toning up that area to tighted eerything up. At least I'll be able to lose a few inches by doing that....

Anyways, I'm off to workout and plan my days for the next 2 weeks and to find a good workout.


  1. cheers for the small dress. &that shirt is super cute. i hope you have a good workout. have fun planning, i always do. stay strong, darling.

  2. Your hard work is paying off! That's great. Keep it up.

  3. great idea for the eating plan & work outs. Keep up the great weight, you're doing great! Please feel free to check out my blog (I just started & could really use some support from others) & maybe we can follow each other? & total congrats on the dress! Stay strong <3 xo A.

  4. it's always great getting complements from strangers :)


    love maxi dresses btw - Good choice!

  5. that's amazing!!! few things are more rewarding than an acknowledgement from a stranger! and that shirt is sooo cute! I love long shirts, partly cuz they help my really short torso look better :) congrats on the dress and the jeans, that's really wonderful! I should probably plan out my food like you're doing, it's a really good idea for staying binge-free! <3RaeLynn