Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thanks Harlow!!!  I'm definitly going to have to dig out my stability ball out of the boxes I still have yet to unpack. That dead bug with stability ball looks awesome!! Regular Dead Bugs really kill me so I bet that the addition of the stability ball will push me over the edge!!

So I've started my diet. Because of my work schedules and breaks I can't eat that many meals in a day. SO...I had 3 egg whites for breakfast with hot sauce no oats. I have 2.5 oz of chicken with 1/3 cup (cooked) of plain quinoa and 1.5 cups of green beans. That's lunch and for dinner I have 3 oz of salmon with 1.5 cups spinach. There was no oil used in the baking of these foods and only the tiniest bit of salt so no extra uneeded calories. It's all clean and organic. Now, I'm not going to make myself eat it all if I'm not hungy. But I will eat it at my times. I have calculated that this meal has put me somewhere in the 800-1000 cal range. I need to sit and actually do the math (will post later) but I think it's still relatively low cal. The hardest part of this diet is that it doesn't change day in day out and there is no fruit so the sweet is gone. This is very savoury but because I will be eating quite a bit I shouldn't have too many cravings. I'm counting on the fact that my peppermint tea will be enough to curb those crazy sweet cravings.

I'll post pictures later today to show what i ended up with for today.

Anyways off to work I go for the day I'll post later tonight!!


  1. stoked about the pictures. peppermint tea is fantastic. the diet sounds pretty swell. stay strong little lady, have a good day at work.

  2. I love quinoa, I find eating it for lunch makes you feel full for pretty much the rest of the day. also if you wanted to jazz up your plain quinoa I sometimes cook a few stalks of rosemary with it (and take it out when its done) or chopped of garlic with salt and pepper- there are no cals.

    i find adding spinach (with broccoli) is a good way to add iron (the broccoli is an iron absorption enhancer) to your diet. I have a few pretty decent low cal recipes for quinoa/quinoa salads. since I've taken up so much comment space I'll stop!

    ~ Harlow

  3. mmmmm quinoa! I love that stuff! I read somewhere that it's healthier than rice in terms of pretty much anything! here's an article on it: mmmm and I find that peppermint is VERY good at killing cravings; I think it has something to do with the ingrained pattern of not eating after brushing your teeth :D <3RaeLynn