Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hello lovelies.

So I know I haven't posted pictures of my food yet. I'm having trouble sending them from my phone and transfering them off. But it's been going amazingly. Even though my calorie intake is still in the 500-700 range, I'm not ravenous anymore at the end of the day. My weight is still staying stubbornly steady but my body feels like it's regulating. I don't need to take laxies to purge or get my system moving which is great.

The plan is getting boring though. I can now officially say I've had more than enough salmon to last me a while. Tomorrow, however, I'm going to be cooking up a tiny bison roast (part of the diet) which I'm really excited about. I'm thinking about doing some sort of seasoning that has rosemary involved.

Harlow: I would LOVE to get some quinoa recipes off of you!! It's become a real staple in my daily intake. It's a perfect thing to bring with me to work and it keeps so well in the fridge when I cook it ahead of time.  :)

So, yesterday I started my period and I detered slightly from the diet to have some ice cream. Work plus extreme cramps does not go well together. So my intake was closer to 1000 but after 3 days of perfect 650s I allowed this one just to survive my day at work.

Speaking of work, job hunting is going well. I'm finding some real good postings and even had a recruiter call ME! I didn't get a chance to call her back yet but it's for an Admin job. I'm going to look into it. I am also going to apply to an Executive Assistant posting at the Museum of Civilization here. Starting pay is $62K. I was like OMFG for an Executive Assistant job that's crazy! I would be making par with D. I hope I at least get an interview!!!

D is slowly starting to get depressed about work. His bosses are becoming so incredibly demanding in unreasonable ways. They're super cryptic and they're always giving him shit. He works 12 hour days busting his ass only to be told that he sucks at his job. He comes home all mopey and sad and just wants to veg out and ends up falling asleep on the couch. He seems to give everything to turn his department around but he never gets the recognition he needs. And to top it all off, he's told that he needs to have a car for every shift so he can get out onto the road at a moment's notice (which disrupts our whole schedule and leaves me stranded at the house on my days off). To top it all off his boss asks D (when he notices D is upset and not his usual self) asks if everything is ok at home and with me. His boss is so damned dense and such an egomaniac that he can't possibly admit that he's the cause of my husband's misery. I feel so helpless that I can't do anything for D. I don't know what to say or do. I make half of what he does so I can't even support him while he looks for something else and it doesn't seem like he wants to look outside the company. I dunno what to do and I just hope things get better for D.

On a more cheerful note. I've booked my vacation for the summer today and took the Ottawa race weekend off. It got me to thinking today about this:

It's a shame that we keep these blogs a secret. I know we do it for obvious reasons, but just imagine if we weren't desperate to keep these havens a secret from the people in our every day lives. We could meet each other in the real world, and have community outside of our computers. Like with the race weekend, I will be cheering on my friends along with Harlow, but it would be great to actually be able to congragulate her as she crosses the finish line instead of quietly watching her finish. I would love more than anything to meet all my reader and the writers of the blogs I follow and just get to know the beautiful women you all are. Sometimes I feel like I connect more with all of you than the people I interact with on a daily basis. I'm not sure if I'm the only one who thinks this but it is something I've thought about a lot.

Anyways, I've probably bored all of you with this extremely long post so I'll call it a night and I hope all of you have wonderful weekends!


  1. Great work at sticking to your plan just keep at it you will start to see results, maybe you should change the calories each day a bit so your body doesn't get use to the same amount of calories!! You should be proud!! I think we all go of track a little bit when it is that time of the month, I always crave chocolate!!

    Also were are you going on vacation?? I haven't been on a holiday for sooo long, am jealous =)

    Have a great night

    ♥ Bree xx

  2. 62k OMG! How awesome would that be. Hope you get it. And, hope things for your hubby gets better at work. When work is messed up it can totally mess up your life. I have to say I have thought about how awesome it would be to meet blogger buddies. I totally would too! My blog is secret but if I found out a reader lived close or I was going to their town I'd be totally open to meeting up. I'd still blog anonymously.

  3. My fingers (and toes!) are crossed that you get the job! I feel bad for your hubby it sucks when you have a stressful work environment and your trapped their 40 hours a week.

    I am going to try out a few new quinoa recipes this week I went and bought a rediculous amount ($25!) from the health food store I can email you some recipes or post them, whatevers easier.

    I know what you mean about wanting to meet bloggers, people who write healthy living blogs meet bloggers and readers all the time. Even though we've never met it's a good feeling to know someone is cheering you on :)

    ~ H

    also you are doing so well with your eating, you are going to look SMOK'IN on your vacation!

  4. Wow, it is really incredible how great this diet is working out for you, and it is all low-calorie! That'd be pretty crazy if you got the $62K job! I didn't know museum workers made that much! :D And yeah, I've thought a lot about what it would be like to meet other bloggers like us in real life! it's like the unknown element of a blind date plus the kinship of meeting a pen pal. <3RaeLynn